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Let The Games Begin

The olympics are underway and Canada is doing rather well. Problem is there are not very many people in the stands to cheer on the athletes. The organizers are blaming the ‘russian mentality’ for half empty venues. Basically they are last minute people and it ain’t working here. It takes too long to get through security and by the time they do, the events are over.

The other interesting thing to note is that the temperature there is 15 or 16 during the day. In English that’s 60 degrees. Last we looked, these are the winter games. Whadda ya think – someone was paid handsomely by the Russians, aka Putin,  to have the olympics there? Um, let’s see now. Yes.

Fifty years ago last Sunday night we sat in front of our small wooden-boxed TV and watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Fifty years ago! We couldn’t even hear them sing because all we did was sit on the floor and shriek. It wasn’t even that their music was so good. It was their hair, long and almost covering their eyes. A drastic change from the clipped, clean look of the time.

Looking back, those times were as innocent as we were. Remember when you left your house and you were gone? No cell phone, no way of reaching anyone unless you had a dime to make a phone call. But we digress. Truth is, we wouldn’t want to go back there. No time like the present, even if we have to deal with that witch princess pauline.

Ah yes, Pauline Marois – what a fine piece of work she is, eh?  That sick hyena-like laugh she has makes us cringe. Ich.

Her latest edict is forcing people to go to hospitals in their ‘area’. But what if the Jewish General Hospital has the only piece of equipment that can deal with someone’s cancer? Too bad. Die. Can we talk? She is doing this to her own people. She and her missives have proven over and over again that they stop at nothing to achieve the end game.

A while ago we told you what the end game was. Last night we went to an excellent town hall meeting at Federation. The panelists, David Johnson, Lise Ravary and Tommy were articulate and on the pulse of what is transpiring here. The end game? Another referendum. This is their last kick at the can. If they lose it’s over for a few generations. And so ladies and gentlemen, they will go to any lengths – and we mean any lengths – to achieve their goal. The games are just beginning and we all pawns.

Remember our ice storm? It seems that something similar is on its way to Atlanta Georgia. Trouble is they are not equipped at all to handle any ice. The governor learned from the last storm and has already placed much of the state  under a state of emergency. The weather channel is predicting the potential for a ‘historic’ ice storm. Hope someone is telling them to store water, canned goods, batteries and a radio and most importantly, cash. Remember here when none of the ATM machines worked? If you didn’t have money you were a gonner.

Today was Phillip Couillard’s day to shine at the opening of the National Assembly. Unfortunately, before he could even walk through the door, one of his, shall we say, less bright fellow Liberals shot him in the foot.

Verdun MNA Henri-François Gautrin was forced to apologize for saying in an interview that he believes Marois is headed for a majority government victory. He didn’t stop at that statement though. Gautrin said he’s had a look at the electoral map and believes ridings which went to the Coalition Avenir Québec, aka the CAQ, last time will slide back into the hands of the PQ, thus assuring their victory.

If you google this dude he looks like he just came out of a dryer – or a bar. Certainly not the brightest chip in the box. He’s not gunning for Couillard’s job, that’s for sure. Couillard is soon going to be dubbed Joe Biffelstick. That’s the little guy who walks around with a perpetual cloud over his head. Unfortunately for us, Couillard is all we have right now. Toast anyone?

And finally, Shirley Temple passed away today. She’s now sailing on the Good Ship Lollipop…

We’ll talk…

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