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It appears that the roosters have come home to roost in Madame Valerie Plante's insane spending and guess who is going to pay for her incompetence? You.

Residential taxes will be going up an average of 4.1%. Cote des Neiges, where the majority of people rent and are immigrants get a 5% increase. What does that mean? Rents are going up.

Can we talk? Where is the most money spent in her budget? Public safety at 18.4%. Next debt servicing at 17.6% and then we read that 11% of her budget is for general administration. Ya think they are top heavy?

Do you think that she give a rats about your business? No, because she keeps putting bike lanes that kill all car traffic and make parking impossible.

If someone has Madame Plante's ear perhaps enlighten her with this: During the pandemic - which ran for about 2 years, people got used to shopping from home in their pajamas. Slowly people had to be coaxed to leave their homes and go to stores.

She has single-handedly made sure to make it as hard as possible for business owners citing saving the world, environment, monkeys, trees, whales, turtles and endangered frogs by putting in as many bike lanes as she can. Now she's raising everybody's taxes?

If anyone votes for this woman again, you deserve double what this tax raise is. Guess what? She is not saving the environment, monkeys, trees, whales, turtles and endangered frogs. She's a tree-hugger who is detached from the real world.

His royal highness the czar legault graced the Montreal Gazette with his presence for an interview. Some media 'pundits' said what a nice thing that was. Seriously?

During the entire four years of his first mandate, the English language was treated like the plague. At all costs, the czar decided that it was his G-d given mandate to keep Montreal french speaking and without him it will dissolve into an island of only English speakers.

Get a grip. Montreal is the engine that allows his 'regions' to function. Montreal is where the money comes from because...Montrealers speak both languages because...Montreal deals with the rest of the world and the language of business in the rest of the world is English.

In the interview the czar said he will protect rights to English services. Why should that even have to be said? People in every other country in the world speak multiple languages and get services in whatever language they speak. What is the big deal to serve someone in English?

Here's a headline for czar who deems himself a 'very impotent person': We don't need your protection buddy. You need our services way more than you need to keep Montreal french, especially in hospitals. He should be kissing the feet of all the Anglos who are still here despite doing everything in his power to push them out. Rant over.

What was Donald Trump thinking? Oh wait. Donald Trump doesn't think about anything. He just does things and then deals with the fallout. Could be this time he outdid himself by inviting two anti-Semitic, white supremacists to his home for an intimate dinner.

If he is appealing to his base, which it seems he is trying to do, that base is getting smaller by the second. Who in their right mind is now going to join his base or, even better, say they support his base? We're guessing people with IQ's less that 6.

To add insult to injury, Trump said he admired the white supremacist, whose name we will not write here. His spin doctors are now saying that Trump invited only one of the two idiots to dinner and that idiot brought the second one. Tell it to the marines. Nobody gets to have dinner with Trump without an invitation.

If the republican party head honchos don't dump this dude and tell him to go form his own party, they deserve everything they get from him. Find your kahoonas dudes.

In the you-can't-make-this-up department, JetBlue won't hire unvaccinated pilots because of safety concerns, but hired a violent felon pilot.

JetBlue hired someone who served nine years in prison for breaking into the home of a judge and attacking his daughter as she left the shower. Perrys was released from prison in 2014 and is on felony probation until 2044. Seems the woman was his ex-fiance and he beat her up with a metal baton.

Regarding hiring unvaccinated pilots to keep you 'safe' JetBlue's mandate is...As part of our commitment to health and safety, COVID-19 vaccines are required for all JetBlue employees. New hire employees must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of training.”

So they can hire someone who at any moment can go ballistic but is keeping you safe because he's vaccinated. You cannot make this stuff up.

If we were flying JetBlue we would try to find out if this dude was the pilot of our plane and change our reservation if that were the case. Are we the only ones who think those running JetBlue are out of their minds? Perhaps wearing a mask for three years has diminished their brain cells.

Xi Jinping needs to go, which of course will not happen voluntarily. People in China have had it with his endless - read three years - of lockdowns to get to zero covid which clearly will never happen.

Let's start with their vaccines that are not really vaccines. Who knows what they are injecting into the population. For sure Jinping could care less if a few million people die. Then we wonder what kind of soldiers he has using tanks as they did to suppress the Tiananmen Square riots. Sadly, the tanks did the trick for the leaders then.

We are hoping that this time, with social media and normal people able to communicate with each other, they will somehow find a way to foil Jinping's insane desire to control his people.

The WHO - world health organization has renamed monkeypox as mpox over racism concerns. Racism? Against who? Monkeys?

This is what they are busy with? Don't you wonder who - pardon the pun - gets paid to make these earth-shattering decisions?

This next piece is beyond the pale. Beyond ridiculous. Beyond our comprehension how seemingly normal people with some intelligence can think this way. Yet again, the woke culture bs fits the above description.

The university formerly known as Ryerson - now called the Toronto Metropolitan University is hiring an economy professor who "must self-identify as Black". What if he's white but says he identifies as black? Does that count? Asking for a friend:)

Also, directly from the Canadian Association of University Teachers manifesto "Candidates who wish to learn more [should] contact [the] Advisor to the Dean of Arts on Blackness".

Ergo, Canadian universities now employ "Blackness Advisors". Is that because black people need to be assured that they are black or for the whities who want to identify as black?

Now read the first line of their manifesto. It is 100% woke bs:

Located in downtown Toronto, the largest and most culturally diverse city in Canada and on the territory of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee and the Wendat Peoples, the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)...

Now read this line and don't lose your cookies:

The University is committed to addressing the underrepresentation of Black faculty as outlined in the Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report.

Somewhere, sometime this is going to come back and bite them you-know-where. In the meantime, enjoy the gender-less terlits and if you want, identify as a black person, apply for a job and get back to us. We'd love to know what happens.

We'll talk...

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