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Listening to Justin speak before Zelensky was nauseating. Hollow and trying as hard as he could to have some of the light from Zelensky to deflect onto him. It didn’t work. He looked and sounded like what he is. An entitled, weak weasel of a ‘politician’. We don’t know a lot about Zelensky – no doubt he’s not the perfect dude everyone thinks he is. But we do know one thing: He’s a dead man walking, with a bounty on his head – a serious thorn in Putin’s side. Unlike Justin, he’s looking  Putin straight in the eye and not running away.

Counter that with Justing pretending to be a statesman last week. This was a month after he ran and hid when a few truck drivers came into Ottawa. Imagine or maybe don’t imagine, how he would be in a real crisis. And does he not realize that every European leader saw how he dealt with those truckers? It was all over every newscast in every country in the world. Nobody was fooled last week.

Thelma, do you think for half a second Justin wouldn’t have taken the ‘ride’ offered by Biden to get out of Ukraine? He would not have answered, as Zelensky did that I don’t want a ride, I want arms for my country.

Justin would have been on the first plane out of Ukraine. We should be collectively embarrassed – as a nation – for having elected him to such a position.

Emperor Legault is counting on everyone here forgetting about the dismal condition of our medical system. He’s certainly not bringing it up.

With covid slowly ending and the war in Ukraine eating up the headlines, he hopes that no one will remember how 900 people in ICU’s across Quebec, with a population of almost 9 million, almost crushed our system.

Can someone please pass on this information to him: An annual survey for Newsweek magazine has named the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) to its list of World’s Best Hospitals 2022.

The distinction, which the JGH has earned again this year, is shared with top healthcare institutions in 27 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

It would do the emperor well – and everyone else in quebec – to learn many, many lessons from this world-class hospital.

One of those lessons is that Jews take care of themselves. When they were banned from teaching hospitals (and medical schools) due to anti-Semitism, the Jewish community in Montreal opened their own hospital in 1934. The rest is history, despite the constant decimation of our medical system by many quebec governments over decades.

Through consistent and very generous  private donations, mostly from Montreal’s Jewish community,  the JGH has become the place where every separatist knows  to go when they really need a doctor – who speaks English.

In case you thought we were kidding that a municipality in Montreal – Cote St. Luc, is doing everything in their power to extend the pandemic, here ya go from Mike Cohen, a councillor there:

…the city will not be able to order people to wear masks at the Quartier Cavendish, synagogues, stores or in apartment buildings when Quebec lifts the mandate. “But we sure can do so in our own buildings. I hope our council will decide to maintain mask mandates inside our city hall, library and Aquatic and Community Centre.”

“I feel sad and worried to see the mask mandate come to an end. For the past two years wearing a mask at a mall, grocery store or at work gave me a true sense of comfort. There is a reason why nobody got the flu…Only time will tell whether this roll of the dice by the government is a mistake.”

Here’s a tip for Cohen: Mask wearing is not the main reason you don’t get the flu. If you don’t wash your hands and touch your face after going somewhere public, with or without that mask chances are you are going to get sick.

Holding on to the mask mandate to ‘feel safe’ is a by-product of the anxiety caused by the pandemic. Some have it, some don’t. Clearly Mr. Cohen and the city of Cote St. Luc are very, very anxious and we don’t care if they wear a mask forever. Just let others do what they want – without one iota of mask-shaming.

Disney has angered a lot of people. In fact, we wonder why they waded into this issue at all. They are publicly opposing the Florida Bill banning kindergarten through grade 3 instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Last time we looked, Disney is supposed to be a fun place to take your family. Who cares what they think about this bill? It’s not their business to have an opinion.

Encouraging teaching a five-year-old boy that he can identify as a girl when he doesn’t have the faintest clue what he is talking about is being an irresponsible member of corporate America. Spend your money elsewhere.

Can someone please explain why the Conservative party’s leadership candidates are so vicious to each other? And we mean viciously vicious.

Personally, we are very tired of all the in- fighting in the Conservative party and their inability to actually choose someone in a normal and decent way – someone who  can run and maybe even win against Justin.

We are guessing so are many other people. So far, they can’t get their act together. And guess who will be the big beneficiary of their inner boxing matches? The liberal party.

Are we the only ones who can’t even look at Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary? Another entitled know-it-all- woke genius. Feh. Emperor Legault is being asked to allow Ukrainian refugee children – whenever they will arrive –  to go to English schools. His royal highness is thinking about it. Never mind  that Quebec’s Charter of the French language ensures that it would include a humanitarian clause for education in the English system.

Here’s one thing we can say with certainty. If he doesn’t let those kids to go English schools, the entire world will finally know what’s going on here. Maybe we should be thinking he should say no so everyone else will be in the loop.

Let’s hope he makes himself look like what he really is – a separatist.

We’ll talk…

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