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Clearly, no one can know what goes on in someone else’s head. How they arrive at different decisions. As President of the United States, this adage is magnified a thousand-fold and I’m pretty sure that no one understands nor can advise Trump on any decision.

We would like to make one thing clear. Had we been able to vote in the US election three weeks from today, never would we vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. We don’t believe anything they are feeding people. In fact, we feel that they have their own agenda which they will quickly begin to enforce should they win the election. And that agenda will be far worse than anything Trump could inflict on America in the next four years.

Given that, we could also not vote for Donald Trump. Of late we feel that we are slowly  watching him become unhinged. His spectacle last night of going to a rally in Florida, less than two weeks after being diagnosed with the coronavirus did us in.

Saying he is ‘cured’? Even if he is, no one else on the planet got the amount of medication  he did and even saying he’s cured is wrong. Not wearing a mask or social distancing for himself is his choice. If that’s what he wants to do, so be it.

But as the president of the United States to encourage over 1000 people not to wear masks or social distance is showing a deep irresponsibility, as well as being a panic move as there’s no doubt he’s carefully watching the polls. On any level that decision was wrong. And so, we would be abstaining.

In 2016, Princeton Election Consortium and Huffington Post gave Hillary a 98% chance of winning the election. Fivethirtyeight gave her a 71% chance. You know the results.

Today a poll came out from the Economist, giving Biden a 91% chance of winning the electoral college which gives Trump a 9% chance. Have people not learned their lesson? These wild predictions are based on a) phone calls and b) early exit polls or early mail-in voters.

It became very clear in 2016 that people outright lie to pollsters and guess what? They are doing it again in 2020. However, we will give a few caveats to this:

The first is that Hillary was an absolutely unlikable person and candidate. She was smug, holier-than-thou and deemed it below her dignity to campaign among the little peeps.

The second issue this time around is covid-19. It is killing both people and the economy and Trump’s handling of late has been abysmal.

The final issue is that while Biden is slow, talks slow, walks slow and we are guessing thinks slow, he’s not a bad guy. His sad life – losing his first wife and daughter and then his favorite son has made him more empathetic and more real to people. But 91%? Come on.

On many levels this next piece is beyond the pale. It’s what makes normal people run from the democrats like they were running from an out of control forest fire or, pardon the pun, a pandemic. Starting October 9, in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, Oreo released a special edition of rainbow cookies in partnership with PFLAG – which stands for parents and friends of lesbians and gays.

But wait. If you think you can buy a package in a store, fuggedaboutit. The cookies will be given away to the first 10,000 people to share on social media their idea of allyship. What? You never heard of the word allyship? We looked it up for you:

Allyship is the practice of emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights by members of an ingroup, to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized outgroup.

The buzzwords here are: inclusion, oppressed and human rights. Can we talk?

Who decided that someone who is gay is overly sensitive? Who created this idea? Don’t other people think that they can just live their lives like everyone else – go to work, buy some fish on the way home, cook it for their families and repeat the same thing the next day, maybe buying a chicken. Sorry, this is stereotyping to the nth degree and exactly why we would never, ever vote democrat.

These days pleading ignorance and being ignorant is going to get you into trouble. Take the woman who decided that she had to see her husband in the US but didn’t want to fly so she could take her dog back.

She drove to the border where, quel surprise, she was not let in. Before we tell you the rest of the story we wondered where exactly this woman has been living the past few months. On Mars? In a room with no social media and no news? Maybe in a log cabin in Point aux Pic with no electricity or running water. It was the outhouse that put her over the edge.

At the border she was refused entry. Really? Not only was she refused entry into the U.S. at the border crossing but also ordered to self-isolate for 14 days because technically she had crossed the border. She was dumbfounded. Blanche, emphasize the dumb part and lose the founded.

“It was not logical and a big disappointment.” There are no words. Yes it’s an idiotic law but we have been hearing about this since March. Where has this genius been?

Someone finally sent Mayor Valerie Plante an alarm clock as it appears she has officially woken up. According to her office, they are urgently asking the provincial and federal governments to help bail out downtown businesses that have been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Can we talk here?

Every downtown in the country has been ‘ravaged’ by the pandemic. What she’s not saying is that on top of the pandemic our mayor, who is obviously many flakes short of a corn flake box, decided now would be the opportune time to rip up the entire St. Catherine Street, the main east west thoroughfare with tons of stores.

No kidding no one is going downtown. She killed almost 1000 parking spots on top of the construction and pandemic. We are not even going to the hundreds of miles of annoying and dangerous bicycle lanes, which not only cause massive traffic jams, but destroy any parking spots in front of stores.

The federal and provincial governments should give money but not to her. It should be given to the companies ripping up the streets so they can work triple overtime and get the job done, which should never have been started in the first place. Are we the only one completely fed up with her?

Justin Trudeau must think that Canadians have zero memories, that we all have the same air between our ears that he has. That could be the only reason for his outburst today when he said his government is focused on COVID-19 and criticized the Conservatives for trying to bring back committee investigations into the WE Charity affair.

We will jog your memory and remind you that said investigations were interrupted two months ago by Trudeau’s own choice to prorogue Parliament. He thought when parliament reconvened the WE scandal would disappear?

We will also remind you that although Justin provided the opposition parties with all the documents they wanted, what he didn’t say was that they were, for the most part, redacted. In English that means that most of the papers were blacked out.

We will also remind you that the Kielburger bros nixed many of their companies. No doubt they kept the most lucrative ones as well as the most lucrative buildings, islands, planes, boats and anything else they accumulated while being the darling ‘charity’ of the very rich and very famous, the most rich and most famous among them our prime minister Justin Trudeau.

We very much hope that the conservative party continues to go after the liberals with both guns blazing and don’t let up until they have some answers. There is no doubt that Justin does not want to go before the ethics commission for a third time since he has been in power.

We’ll talk…

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