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Memo to the Office de la Langue Francais: Are you always so idiotic or are you making a special effo

The escape of that Mexican drug dude was not just any old escape. Did you know that there was a tunnel complete with lighting, ventilation and even a modified motorcycle on tracks? It is also thought that when he exited the tunnel he had an armed escort of a mixture of prison guards and other unsavory characters. Quite a few people had to be involved in building that tunnel and you can be very sure no one is talking.

Yesterday, from wherever he was, one of Guzman’s first acts was to tweet out a threat to Donald Trump. It wasn’t pretty and Trump is taking it seriously. We can’t say much here as we had our own prison escapes recently. Not as elaborate, nonetheless they make the whole prison system look like it’s run from the inside out.

While Obama’s missives were in Vienna closing the ‘deal’ with Iran, Iran’s supposedly moderate president chose to go to a rally in Tehran where a frenzied mob burned American and Israeli flags and chanted ‘Death to America,’ ‘Death to Israel.’

There’s nothing much to say about this except that it could be the biggest historical mistake of our lifetime. It will, in the end, be the legacy that Obama is leaving everyone to deal with after he leaves office and collects his millions of dollars on speaking engagements. And by the way, he not now not only looks like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine, he acts like him.

The madcap office de la langue francais is at it again. This time the target was a truck selling cheese products like poutine etc. They didn’t like it’s name – Le Cheese. If anyone is making Quebec look like a bunch of backwater buffoons, it is this little group getting paid with our tax dollars. People want a baseball team here? They want to build a stadium? Forget it. With these items popping up in the news every month or so, no one in their right mind would invest a cent here.

Who wants to go up to Couillard and yell in his face: GET RID OF THOSE IDIOTS! What? You’re all yelling at your computers or iphones? Couillard is weak and ineffective. Fech.

And who exactly is ratting on these people who just want to eek out a living? We would venture a guess that it’s one or two french Canadians with nothing to do with their time. They most likely can’t read a word of English or any other language for that matter, so anything not in french is a blight on the earth. What a bunch of absolute, total LOSERS. And then there are the Greeks. If we lived there we would for sure have to be on valium or some kind of tranquilizer. Every 24 hours the game changes 180 degrees. Sunday was the drop dead date, now it’s tomorrow.

After getting elected on a platform of telling the people that they would never have to accept any more austerity measures from the EU and after everyone voted no to the bailout – zut alors – the prime minister had to eat his words. He now has to sell the following to his government before any real talks with Europe can begin: increase its sales tax, pare pensions for poorer workers, and set up a fiscal council to double check the government’s budgets. He also has to streamline the bureaucracy whatever way Europe tells it to, ratify the euro zone’s rules about resolving dying banks, speed up its judicial process, privatize its electricity network, allow stores to open on Sundays, and create more competition among pharmacies and bakeries.

After reading some of these measures we wondered to ourselves when exactly the Greek people work and what kind of work ethic those people have. Obviously they enjoy the beach and other fun things rather than working. Looks like the lyrics to the Nat King Cole song The Party’s Over were written just for this occasion. You be the judge:

The party’s over It’s time to call it a day They’ve burst your pretty balloon And taken the moon away It’s time to wind up the masquerade Just make your mind up the piper must be paid.

If you are a space aficionado, today was your day. Today all nine objects considered by many to be the Solar System’s planets – from Mercury through to Pluto – have now been visited at least once by a probe. A picture of Pluto was sent to earth today by the New Horizons spacecraft speeding past the planet at 14km per second. While we don’t really understand the ramifications of this, as we are not scientifically inclined – to put it mildly, we do grasp the enormity of the project. Don’t you wonder how the Mars Bar got its name?

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