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Mission Impossible ‘Getting’ Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

The NY Times really stepped in it this time. They printed a story about Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court judge, and how about 30 years ago he went to a party, ostensibly naked and asked a woman to touch him south of his waist.

After printing the story, said NY Times came out and said that the woman involved doesn’t remember anything – not the party, not the naked part and not touching anything.

So you must be asking yourself, what’s the point of printing the story as there is no one who can corroborate what happened. Here’s the reason: To get Trump. Pure and simple. Trump appointed Kavanaugh and if they can make Kavanaugh look bad then so will Trump.

This of course comes after trying to pin Russian collusion on Trump which failed and now trying to impeach him which is also going to fail. Democrats and those on the left simply cannot come to themselves – since 2016 no less – that Hillary lost and Trump won. There’s no point in telling them to get a grip because there’s no grip left. They have completely lost their minds.

The democrats running for the presidential nomination did not do themselves any good by all coming forward and saying Kavanaugh needs to be impeached or fired or tarred and feathered and run out of town. They all have egg on their faces and all look untrustworthy.

The icing on the cake in this story is that one of the four socialist  loud-mouthed women in the Democratic Party  says she will introduce a series of resolutions in the House of Representatives tomorrow designed to kick start impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s just say the Democratic Party has a lot more to worry about than who will be their presidential nominee. A lot more.

Blanche, can we talk about the picture of Justin with Bianca Andreescu  (tennis grand slam winner)? He’s just a wee bit to close to her. Does someone have to remind Justin that he’s married with children? Does someone have to tell him that getting so close to a woman who is not your wife, so close in fact that you can breath down her neck, makes women feel very uncomfortable?

We shall remind you that Joe Biden got raked over the coals for doing this. Why is the press ignoring it? Because Justin’s cute? It’s inappropriate behaviour, prime minister or not. End of story.

It appears that Zaidy Bernie’s campaign is in, shall we delicately say,  a mess? His key supporters are ringing the alarm that the campaign is bogged down by disorganization, personality clashes, and poor communication between state operations and national headquarters. Bernie himself is a cranky old man, who accomplished very little, if anything while a senator in Vermont.

One thing is certain. He’s going to get his pension, win or lose and if he loses his bid for the nomination he’s going to need the money.

It’s too early to call the election in Israel but from what we have read it appears Bibi will not be asked to form the next government. Given that, ya never know till every vote is counted who won. So stay tuned to the news alerts. Everyone is waiting for the results.

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