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Money Does Not Grow on Trees. Bananas Do. Really???

So who believes that Arthur Porter is dead? Is this not the most bizarre business you have seen in a long time? His ‘friend’ the doctor said he died. His other friend the ‘biographer’ also said he died. Alas,  no one has seen a  death certificate. Seems we’re not the only ones with suspicions. Quebec’s anti-corruption squad is sending two investigators to Panama to collect evidence proving that Arthur Porter is dead.

While Porter may indeed checked into another location, until it is 100% proven, we here in Montreal will not believe it.

Although we are great fans of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we must say that his choice of candidates for many things from the privy council – Arthur Porter, to Senators – Mike Duffy on trial, Pamela Wallin, waiting for trial, Patrick Brazeau, a total nutcase and the latest scandal – Don Meredith accused of shall we say not nice things with a minor. By far Harper’s worst appointment is Porter. Could no one see how slimey this guy was? He must have used a tube of Brylcreem (a little dab’ll do you) before left the house. Although we never got close to him  we have no doubt that he also used an inordinate amount of aftershave. Goes with the bowtie.

Can anyone explain why people are still swimming in the ocean off North Carolina? There have been 10 shark attacks in the past couple of weeks. We can understand that people like to live dangerously but this is living like a dolt. Why would anyone chance getting their limbs chewed off? Only in America. It appears that those leading the country of Greece are slightly confused – to say the least. Alexis Tsipras the Prime Minister blew up negotiations with European creditors on staving off default, then retreated and accepted more or less the same terms, only to have European leaders tell him the offer had expired. Angela Merkel called his bluff.

Then there’s the referendum on Sunday. Greeks are supposed to vote but no one there or elsewhere seems sure what they will be asked, or what the consequences will be for voting yes or no. Confused? Wait, we’ll give you more.

Greece will need an extra 50bn euros ($55bn) over the next three years to stabilize its finances under the existing, disputed bailout plans. Dat’s a lotta money Blanche. Another blow came today from the IMF – International Monetary Fund – who said that the forecast for Greek economic growth went from 2.5% to zero. Dey are in big twouble.

Can someone please explain what exactly Donald Trump is doing? Aside from self-imploding? He said he was going to run for President but never filed the papers. He has angered everyone from Mexico to China and everywhere in between. To top it off, pardon the pun, whoever dyes his hair should go back to hair dying school. It’s the worst blonde we’ve ever seen. One would think that he’s just bored with life and looking for something new to do. We also think he chose the wrong things.

Lest you think that Greece is the only country in trouble, think again. The governor of  Puerto Rico’s said on Tuesday that his country’s $72 billion public debt is unpayable due to the current state of the economy, which is in a nearly 9-year-old recession. Can we talk?

Why are countries lending money to other countries with a zero economy? Can’t be because they think they will be paid back. They can’t be that dumb. Italy is in trouble as is Spain. One of the reasons that all of these places are having issues has to do with pensions. We have the same problem right here in la belle province.

People work for the government until they are 55 or 60 and then expect to receive a pension of up to 80% of their salary. What country can sustain that? We are the furthest thing from an economist, but even we can figure out no one can afford to keep that up. Blanche, go git a big bag an a mattress. We is gonna be hidin our money in dere so no one can take it.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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