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In the we-weren't-born-yesterday department, Montreal's anti-racism commissioner algerian born Bochra Manai has decided it's time to meet with Montreal's Jews. In case you were wondering, that's 7 weeks after October 7. And in case you didn't know, she was forbidden to attend anymore 'pro-palestinian' rallies. She couldn't figure that one out on her own.

No doubt the Jewish community will meet with her. Do they have a choice? Her boss ,Madame Plante, must think the Jews in this city were born yesterday. Everybody knows Manai is an anti-Semite and a racist, exactly the opposite of her title.

She made that abundantly clear when she marched with her 'bros' on October 8, one day after the biggest massacre in Israel's history.

Manai is one of those who use the word 'but' when speaking about October 7. She will make all the right noises when speaking to people in the Jewish community. Don't believe a word of what she says.

And in case she doesn't know it, if she were in the south of Israel on October 7, she would have been massacred with everyone else. Does she wear a hijab? Does she follow sharia law? Clearly not.

She is one of those people who doesn't get it. Israel is fighting so that idiot can be an idiot. She is on the wrong side of history.

It appears that the ceasefire in Israel is coming to an end and we sincerely hope that Israel puts in earplugs and does what it has to do, as swiftly and efficiently as possible to rid the world of the vermin called hamas.

While the US and other countries are backing them, sending arms etc, it is the Israeli soldiers who are on the ground risking their lives every second so the western world can enjoy living in freedom. Can someone please tell our brainless prime minister Justin this bit of news?

He's so stupid that he doesn't even realize that the very fact he is able to criticize Israel is because he lives in a western country. Let him try to criticize hamas in gaza and see how far he gets. He wouldn't make it out of the building.

He should be kissing the feet of every Israeli soldier, not telling them to go easy on the 'poor palestinians'.

There's not much to write here. If they put a toe into gaza, hamas would find the one and only building still standing and throw them off it.

Clearly queers for palestine are illiterate and have read nothing about what hamas does to that community.

In fact, over the past few years, hundreds of queers ran to Israel to save their lives. If nothing else, this should be the alarm bell for these geniuses.

If you want to see the ultimate in arrogance and bs, look no further than the climate change conference taking place in Dubai.

Guess how many people are at the conference? 70,000.

Guess how they got there? By plane.

Guess who made the biggest carbon footprint? The Canadian dufuses at that conference.

This conference is going to cost you, the taxpayer a gzillion dollars and it will accomplish nothing but leave a ton of waste in the world.

Enough bike lanes, enough of the sky is falling. The sky is not falling, we have double the bike lanes we need on streets cannot handles these bike lanes and Madame Plante is single-handedly destroying our city in the name of climate change. Stop whining and start being realistic.

Pascale Dery's support of Legault when she parroted, like a fool, his wishes to double fees for international students is starting to come back and bite her.

She will wind up blackballed everywhere - in the Jewish community, in the university community and in the international community.

She chose to do Legault's dirty work and the backlash with what they were trying to do has been intense and unrelenting, Legault has had to walk a lot of his idiotic charge that international students are polluting the french air.

And dery, who collaborated with him on this lie based on air is going to go down with him.

Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States of America seems to have outdone herself.

She believes that much of her unpopularity is due to 'sexism and racism.' What is she saying?

Her unpopularity is due to the fact that she can't put two sentences together and makes sense. Whenever she opens her mouth, she creates a new word salad.

She's the one in charge of immigration. That's been a grand success. Not. People are pouring into the US on a daily basis, unvetted and undocumented.

People complain that Biden is too old to run again. While that may be true, she really needs to go.

A pro-palestinian mob disrupted the lighting of the christmas tree in Times Square.

You want to live in freedom? Are those people what you call freedom? Is their violent protest going to do anything to help anyone in gaza? No.

That protest is telling the bleeding heart liberal losers that unless they want to live in a country with sharia law, they better start singing a different tune. Protests of those kind are not tolerated in gaza. You do that, you're dead.

Monday is the rally in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. Be there at 1:30 pm.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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