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Montreal’s Mayor Plante is on a Power Trip Second to None.

Montreal’s Mayor Valerie Plante is turning out to be one of those people who foist their extremism on others. Her latest genius idea? To do away with a requirement for parking spaces in new condo developments in the Ville-Marie borough and instead, compel developers to provide more accomodation for indoor bike parking. New buildings with eight or more units would have to have one indoor bike stall for every three units.

Wait. It gets better. Commercial buildings with 20 or more bike stalls would have to public showers and change rooms for the benefit of cyclists. Imagine taking a shower in Birks downtown? I’m sure they would love the idea.

How about if a family of oh, let’s say two parents and three children buy a condo and don’t want to bike their kids to school in the winter when the sleet is hitting your face like nails? Plante has decided for them that they will not get the parking spots they want. She is on the mother of all power trips.

The new polls came out regarding the Quebec election showing the Liberals are slipping. They also say that 38% could change their minds when they actually have to vote and 44% said that the debates could sway their vote.

We will remind you of the polls during the Trump-Hillary election campaign. They were dead wrong.

People are reluctant to say who they are voting for when asked and/or they lie. Even the exit polls in the US election were wrong as people also lied when they came out of the polling stations. Until the final ballots are counted, nobody knows who wins. We still say a CAQ minority government even though a good friend with a 3 for 3 track record (he predicted Trump, Trudeau and Plante) says a majority CAQ.

Trump and Nikki Haley are exposing the United Nations and all the monies going to so-called Palestinian causes and it’s about time.

It’s not secret that the Palestinian leaders never changed their manifesto which wants all of Israel to find their way into the Mediterranean or worse. Trump called their trump and closed the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington. The reason: They have never entered into peace talks with Israel. Last month the US cancelled more than $200 million in aid for projects in the West Bank and Gaza. Oh, we can’t guess why.

Wait. Maybe because none of the money earmarked to help the people there ever got used for infrastructure? Maybe because the money was used to build tunnels into Israel? Or to build kites to throw fire bombs into Israel? Never mind. Trump has it right, like him or not.

Today was 9/11. It was a Tuesday as it is today. While most of the rest of the world has moved on with their lives, the families of the over 3,000 people killed that day will never, ever be the same.

Yesterday, California governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill to get CA to use 100% clean energy by 2045. This means that all electricity used by the state needs to come from things like wind and solar power. This new bill is ambitious and CA has a long way to go, but the governor says “it must be done” to fight climate change.

We will remind you that climate change used to be global warming and that Al Gore made a fortune flying around in his private jet, leaving his environmental footprint all over the world while lecturing on this subject.

We will also remind you that California cannot seem to control its forest fires because it is building homes where they should not be built. Perhaps Governor Jerry Brown should concentrate on constructing homes in areas where they will not be destroyed by fires instead of making grandiose, unrealistic statements.

We’ll talk…

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