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Justin Trudeau’s  most powerful cabinet minister resigned in the most chaotic time in our history. And at 7:30 in the evening no less. What was that all about? He didn’t know during the day? He didn’t want to make the evening news? He didn’t want too many people to know?

Morneau resigned to try to lead the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Seriously? What is that? He has to justify his leaving with ‘I’m going somewhere even more ‘important’? We wonder whose genius idea that was. He should have resigned period. It doesn’t look good and Justin’s sunny ways are long gone.

Morneau is independently wealthy to put it mildly and doesn’t need to take flack from Justin. He said they are still lovey-dovey but you can bet your bippy that they won’t be talking to each other for a very long time. Why else would he also resign from his seat in Toronto provoking a by-election now?

His replacement, Chrystia Freeland is a no-brainer. Although her numerous degrees are not in finance, she did write about finance for many years. She is obviously a very intelligent woman and coupled with her contacts was the no-brainer choice for Trudeau. Fitting, wouldn’t you say? Freeland has been standing in for Trudeau when he should have been there, so now that the country is drowning in debt, he can still hide away and let her talk.

Next up Justin is proroguing parliament which means shutting down the House of Commons and the committees investigating the WE Charity scandal and removing the legislation currently on Parliament’s order paper. It also removes any bills currently on the order paper, giving Parliament a chance to restart.

Can we talk? Restart? They haven’t been sitting since March. What’s to restart? Nothing more to say here except we best hope the once the new conservative leader is chosen he gets a running start and is able to finally start speaking out about Trudeau.

Last night Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic virtual convention. Can we talk? The speakers before her were beyond beyond boring and completely uninspiring. She literally saved the day. 

While we don’t like what she stands for, she is by far one of the best speakers we have ever heard. She’s natural, not a drama queen and one feels that she is talking directly to each person listening.

However, as we read in one headline, ‘she’s great, too bad it’s ‘him’ running’. The him of course is Joe Biden. If Michelle ever ran, which she won’t, at least now,  she would win by a landslide.

There was one very startling omission in Michelle’s speech. She said not one word about Kamala Harris, the first black woman to run for Vice President. Harris is the saviour who is supposed to get the black women out to vote and Michelle doesn’t encourage those women? Something’s amiss in America.

People are leaving New York and Los Angeles in droves. Our guess is that Seattle will be next on the list of cities to lose their tax base. Last week Black Lives Matter activists stormed a neighborhood in Seattle where they shouted obscenities at white residents whom they accused of gentrification and stealing their property, telling them to “give black people back their homes.”

“Get this back, man, we comin for it, reparations,” the first activist appeared to yell. “Give us our sh** back. Give us our equity back.”

This is what happens when tree-hugging whale-saving, granola-eaters take over. We are speaking of Democrats. You are now punished not only because you are white, but because you actually work for a living and bought a house in what was ‘their’ neighborhood. If that’s the new normal, then every city where boarded up houses were gentrified better get ready for ‘protesters’.

So what are the people living there to do? Leave the homes they paid for and give them to the black people because they are black?  That’s the answer to the police who have issues dealing with black people? Clearly not.

Black gangs invading  white neighborhoods and threatening law-abiding, working families because they are white is  intolerable and anyone who panders to this behaviour is part of the problem, not the solution.

If you have any inkling whatsoever to venture downtown, go stand in your closet for ten minutes with the light closed. That’s what it feels like to sit in traffic, detour the detours and wait for  men dressed in orange with red sticks telling you to wait at the green light.

That Valerie Plante is the worst mayor Montreal ever had is a given. What is different here is that she should be held financially responsible for the demise of all the stores along St. Catherine because she could not put off ‘necessary construction’ until next summer. Where  exactly does this woman live? On Mars?

The stores were closed from March until June. When they finally reopened they were faced with streets dug up looking like Beirut with no clear destruction plan in place,  nowhere to walk, absolutely nowhere to park and about every second store boarded up.

She is 100% out of touch with Montreal and has single-handedly killed our downtown. She’s a blight on Montreal,  should quit and disappear, never to be seen again. Feh.

Read this and weep at what is happening in New York City. Their mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city will begin the process of relocating thousands of homeless people who were given access to city hotels back into shelters. Why can’t they stay there forever? Because  people who  live in New York City and pay taxes complained about the uptick in crime and then found out  that they were footing the bill for the ‘program’.

140 hotels housed about 13,000 homeless people. Get this Blanche: Many of those hotels were in or near the city’s Midtown entertainment district — not far from Times Square and the heart of the Broadway theater district — and the result has been a sharp uptick in crime in some of the areas of Manhattan most attractive to tourism. Now that was a brilliant move.

How about maybe using the empty hotels at the airports where there’s nowhere to go and no one to rob? Wait. That would require intelligence, something Di Blasio clearly lacks. We save the best for last. The cost of this little idea of his? $24 million per month. Your tax dollars at work.

We’ll talk…

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