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Montreal’s Selfish, Condescending Mayor

Did anyone feel that the air different last night? No smell? Bill and Hillary were in town, speaking as the dynamic duo at the Bell Center. In case you were wondering if it was sold out, we’ll tell you. It wasn’t. In fact, someone we know was offered free tickets. It appears they needed bodies to fill the seats.

What is very interesting to note is that Montreal had a larger attendance than Toronto. One thing is certain. Democrats in Washington are very happy the Clintons are out of their city and out of their hair for while.

It appears that Michael Avenatti is about to be in another heap of trouble. His star client, Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford, has accused him of going ahead with his defamation lawsuit against Trump — which was thrown out by a federal judge — without her consent. Say it ain’t so.

Questions have arisen about his October arrest for domestic violence allegations and unpaid debts and tax liabilities while he lived the lap of luxury. If you recall, he’s the lawyer who brought two ‘star’ witnesses to testify against Kavanaugh. It won’t be long before Stormy storms out of his office, declaring him fired. Looks like his five minutes of fame is over.

We are not the only ones who realize that Justin Trudeau is way, way over his head in the job as the Prime Minister of Canada. He spoke recently in Calgary and left those who heard him incensed, to put it mildly. The following was written by a Calgarian who heard Trudeau speak. Hold on to your chairs:

...To then be lectured by this former drama teacher (Trudeau) about the difficulties involved takes central Canadian hubris to a whole new level. “There is a tendency out there in the world to give really simple answers to really complex questions, but the world, unfortunately, doesn’t work like that,” he told a somewhat bemused Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Wow. That takes some nerve, coming from a man who seems to think that accessing a Twitter feed is commensurate with the drafting of the Magna Carta. Ooooh. That is seriously nasty. Blanche, ya think they despise Trudeau in Alberta?

Gets better: …Trudeau sticks to his script, the one the grandees of the Liberal party wrote for him when he showed that having nice hair, a cool demeanour and a recognizable surname could indeed get you elected. But today the entire “I’m a feminist prime minister,” “We are so sorry,” “Canada is back,” and “This country welcomes everyone” repertoire of sound bites looks tired and shopworn. Looks like the emperor has no clothes.

Montreal’s Mayor, Madame Valerie Plante has now set her sights on the plastic bags that encase those ‘vicious’ publi-sacs in Montreal. The publi-sacs contain many ads from different stores for people to try to save money on their weekly grocery bills. Add this to the closure of Mount Royal and her threat to make St.Catherine Street one lane, basically sounding downtown Montreal’s death knell.

How is it that when people enter the political arena they seem to think that they have suddenly been bestowed with some kind of Divine wisdom.

Mayor Plante, her entourage and everyone else connected to her administration not only think they are smarter than everyone else, they also think they are going to save us from ourselves because us lowly citizens – plebs – who voted them in are just plain too stupid to know what is best for us.

This is arrogance at its peak. It is condescending, pernicious and self-serving. We thought Coderre was arrogant. He was in the mickey mouse league compared to Madame Plante. She comes from the ‘I’ generation. I want. I need. I demand. And now that she is in power, she is able to fulfill all her wants and desires and be damned with the little people.

The people voted her in and now they are stuck with this self-righteous, selfish woman who thinks she is saving the world when in fact, after she is long gone, many hard-working people will be paying for her selfishness for many years to come.

Rant over.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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