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Moo. Oink. Cluck. Cluck. Legault’s Appealing to His Base and their Response.

When people want to give you bad news, they do so one small pill at a time, as Justin Trudeau did today. This first piece of the blog now answers the question of the second piece of this blog. Read on.

Although Canada did contribute money to pay for the creation of vaccines in different countries, the US and Germany to name two,  we had no choice as we no longer have the ability to produce our own vaccine. And because of that, the people in countries where the vaccines were produced will get said vaccine first. Each country will take care of their own.

So, when the US starts rolling out the vaccine in a couple of weeks and we don’t see anything for three to six months, you can be very sure people in Canada will be royally ticked off, to put it mildly.

The infuriating part of this is that Justin was not honest with us, his peeps. There is not a shred of doubt that he knew we would be last in line to receive the vaccine because of our lack of capacity to produce it here. Just tell us it will be an extra two or three months.

But no. Now that people in other countries will start to get the vaccine in a week or two, he had no choice but to reveal the truth. He’s a real slimeball.

Blanche, did you know that Anita Anand is the minister for public procurement, which is the logical, quick and organized distribution of the covid vaccine and all its components. Keep in mind that the federal government has had no less than nine months to figure this out. The response of said minister is that they can in no way tell when the provinces will receive their vaccines because they have to wait for health Canada to approve the vaccines which we now know is a total crock as per the first piece of this blog.

Time to stand up and say something by contacting your MP and tell him or her not to lie to us. That we are big boys and girls and can deal with the truth.

Our MP is Anthony Housefather:

If he’s not your MP then simply google his or her name and then, as we did: contact anthony housefather. Simple as that. They must know that those who pay their salaries are watching them and want to know why they can’t get their act together and can’t simply be truthful.

Quebec is very special these days:

If you needed an ambulance between April and the end of September and you had, say a heart attack and needed the attendant to save your life, you are most likely dead and not reading this.

The Quebec government health department and papa Legault sent out a directive that no live-saving measures were to be done except on children and pregnant women for six months so as not to overrun the hospital emergency wards and ICU’s.

…Francois Legault said today that we are getting the vaccine very soon. He’s talking out of his you-know-what after listening to Justin tell us that we are not getting the vaccine one minute before the countries where it was made deal with their people first.

…Senior homes are again infested with COVID-19. It is because staff are still, to this minute, going from one place to another, transferring the disease with them. Finally someone said that these people must be tested before going from one building to another. Nine months later they still can’t get their act together. Shameful.

…Legault has his pitbull as Couillard had his in Barrett. Quebec’s Minister Responsible for the French Language, Simon Jolin-Barrette with bared teeth, announced a plan to table a bill that will aim to strengthen the French language in the province. Now? During the pandemic when restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, museums and many other places are forced to close?

We are guessing that Legault is taking his cues from Donald Trump. At all costs appeal to your base. In this case, it’s rural French Canadian farmers. Moo. Oink. Cluck. Cluck.

Of course it won’t last, but the stock market went insane today at the news that the Donald aka Trump aka the President has finally let go the rope he was hanging onto at the edge of the cliff and said that Biden can begin the transition.

We are thinking that the main reasons the markets soared are a) Blanche, do you hear the quiet of no tweets? and b) while Trump may have accomplished a lot during his presidency, the White House was an insane place to work from the press conferences we observed and the rolling of heads on a regular basis. Now, it appears to be sane, even if you don’t like Biden’s policies.

Do you remember Sean Spicer? Or Sarah Sanders? Both of them had to stand up day after day and defend the circus that was going on behind the scenes. That’s also over.

What, pray tell, are CNN and MSNBC going to do now? They no longer have Trump to give them ratings?

This is Thanksgiving weekend in the US and it used to be the biggest (by far) traveling days of the year. While the numbers are way down from last year, at least 1 million people a day were flying in the past three days and that doesn’t include all the people driving to see their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and people they would rather not see. Let’s talk again in about 10 days from Saturday and see what happens vis-a-vis the virus. Our guess? It’s not going to be pretty.

Rashid Tlaib, part of the left of left socialist ‘squad’ of the democrat party is showing her true colors, which she never hid.

Biden appointed Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State. Tlaib was appalled that he was a Jew. Appalled. She was hoping, with Biden’s election, of an immediate reinstatement of the BDS sanctions at universities and other places.

“So long as he (Blinken) doesn’t suppress my First Amendment right to speak out against [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s racist and inhumane policies. The Palestinian people deserve equality and justice.” She was not referring to Blinken’s upcoming policies. Rather, she was referring to his being a Jew.

So far there isn’t an obvious Squad/Warren/Sanders liberal in any top job.

One thing that Biden will resurrect is the whole climate change bs. It is a total and complete waste of time as nothing is ever done to stop India, China, Pakistan and other third world countries from polluting the air of the rest of the world.

Until those countries are on board, the first world countries are full of it. How is it Blanche, that Justin is the biggest cheerleader, complete with the pompoms, of climate change but is unable to get clean drinking water to his own people who live in the north?

Like we said, they are all full of it.

We’ll talk…

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