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We can now breathe again. Literally. Papa Legault announced, on his Facebook page not at a presser so you may not have heard, that it’s ok not to wear a mask when a) you are playing tennis, b) you are playing golf, c) you are ‘romantic’ (Papa L’s words) with a friend in the park or c) when walking outside with a friend. Now Blanche, don’t you feel better?

This ladies and gentlemen, is why Papa Legault confuses us plebs. You can, you can’t, you can, you can’t, you can! The best line of his press conference this week was his pronouncement that we only have to wait 73 more days – until the fete nationale – and poof! herd immunity and we’re all free.

If you believe one word of that last sentence you are going to be sorely disappointed.

There is no doubt that the Queen is one tough woman. Don’t. Mess. With. Her. As per her husband’s wishes that his funeral be a simple one, she is following what he said to the letter of the law. But more than that, she’s fully cognizant of what’s flying in her family and is the chief organizer.

Harry and William will be walking behind the coffin but their cousin Peter will be between them. No one is wearing uniforms as Harry was stripped of all his military titles and the Royal Navy was not happy to have her son Andrew (of Jeffrey Epstein fame) wear their uniform. She didn’t want to embarrass either of those two men. At the funeral, she will be sitting alone.

Both Papa Legault and Justin keep telling us that it’s only a little while longer that we will have to quarantine, not see our family and friends, no bbq’s, keep the borders closed, have a hotel quarantine and be suspicious of every person who comes close to us.

The picture featured in this blog is clearly tongue-in-cheek but you get the point. While Israel, Florida, New York and other places are wide open and people are living normal lives, eating in restaurants, going to baseball games, traveling (what’s that again?) and almost finished vaccinations, we remain with a curfew and rules up the gazoo.

In every industry goods arrive after their delivery date. Such is the case with the vaccines to be distributed across Canada. When the vaccines arrive late, there is a cascade effect in the vaccine centers. Why? Because people make appointments online and often have to wait a few weeks for their turn. What should be happening is that everyday is full which means that all the staffing has to be coordinated with the amount of people being vaccinated. It’s a big logistical puzzle.

However, when those vaccines arrive late and the centers only find out a day or two before, well, people lose their spot as there is nothing to give them, they have to re-register and all the people working in those centers need to be informed not to show up.

All of this could be swallowed. What cannot be swallowed or tolerated is the Ivory Tower syndrome in Ottawa. Our erstwhile procurement minister, Anita Anand, rejected any suggestions that the provinces face a supply shortage of vaccines.

She, as it seems many politicians, live in an altered, and seemingly perfect world. Ms. Anand – it doesn’t quite work that way. It’s not one place or province complaining about late deliveries. It’s many provinces. Why then, would Anand say there are no shortages when Moderna itself said the vaccines were held up by quality control issues? Ask her that question.

Ever heard of Will Amos? We’ll enlighten you. He’s a Canadian lawyer and politician serving as the Liberal member of Parliament for the riding of Pontiac, Quebec. We can also tell you that he’s in good shape, thin, not hairy (feh) and a runner. As well, we can report that he takes a shower after his run.

Now how do we, along with the rest of the world know this? Because Mr. Amos forgot that his camera was on and after his shower and he was seen by many of his colleagues walking around his house,  facing said camera, buck naked.

We’re taking a wild guess that he’s not very happy with his five minutes of fame.  Lucky for him when this went viral, his  member, shall we delicately say, was blacked out.

This summer the Toyko olympics were supposed to take place, after being cancelled last year. Well, if you are a big olympic watcher you might be outta luck. It seems there are too many countries having a resurgence of covid-19 cases and the Japanese are getting spooked.

And even if the games do happen, don’t plan on going to Japan – this will be a TV-only event. Fans from abroad are banned, tourism is out, and there’ll be no room for neighborhood partying. Athletes are being told to arrive late, leave early and maneuver around a moving maze of rules. Sounds like so much fun, eh Blanche?

Why is it when Donald Trump did something that Americans didn’t like, negative polls were plastered on our screens for days showing his dismal ratings. And now, when Biden did something people are unhappy with…well, did you hear about it?

Did you know that 55% of Americans disapprove of his handling of the situation at the Mexican border? No? Of course not, because the media just doesn’t learn their lesson. Now that they don’t have Trump to harangue about day and night, their ratings are in the toilet. Why are they afraid to say the truth about Biden? Could it be that they fear the democrat backlash? Perhaps a protest in front of their buildings? Just saying.

$1 billion to renovate Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal? Get Mayor Valerie Plante out of office before she can spend a cent of our money on that.

The woman has taken save-the-world-the-trees-the whales and the turtles to another level. At your expense of course because guess who’s paying $1 billion for trees and ‘green space’? Your hard-earned tax dollars.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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