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Special thanks to Greg Gutfeld of Fox News and an astute Blanche reader for the title of this blog. In fact, it goes much deeper than than.

It appears from some digging by good reporters, that harvard has a century-old history of both repressed and open antisemitism. To all of those who still give money to harvard, read on and stop giving money.

In the past few years, harvard made supreme efforts to 'atone' for its history regarding slavery, including renaming buildings and erecting historical plaques. Sound familiar?

Now guess what? The university still maintains a fellowship and professorship named for Alfried Krupp, a top Nazi industrialist.

The Institute for the Global Study of Antisemitism and Policy, pointed out that harvard’s response to anti-semitism cannot be disconnected from billions of dollars that Mideast regimes — some of them totalitarian — have donated to Harvard in recent decades. Top donors include Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, where Hamas leaders are said to be hiding.

What are you saying Blanche?

In 1933 harvard sent a high-profile delegate to the University of Heidelberg - that is in Germany - for celebrations on the heels of the university purging all of its Jewish faculty. Interestingly, Oxford and Cambridge declined to send delegates, demonstrating the agency of higher education institutions to protest Nazism before World War II.

Jewish and black liberal-wokers love taking a knee, fist pumping, writing blm on the streets, torching poor neighborhoods - all because of how America treated their black people. In fact, it is even encouraged. Case in point is the hiring of Madame Gay. Atoning for their previous sins against black people by hiring an incompetent, not very bright black woman because she's a black woman. Seriously?

And the Jews? Still fair game up to this second. Here this peeps: If as a liberal Jew you still don't get, time to wake up. It's coming to you whether you believe it or not. You are a Jew? You will be hounded and you will never, ever be accepted. Even by harvard.

U.S. spy agencies verified Israeli claims that Hamas and another Palestinian terrorist group used Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as a command center and to hold hostages.

Israel was internationally skewered for even suggesting hamas would do that. In fact they did it and it appears that many of the 'physicians' were in on the plan.

In fact, the hospital's director was part of hamas.

In case you were wondering, no one can be trusted there. Not even the 'poor' palestinians who are now refugees that not one of their arab neighbors will take in. And anyone who uses the word but when describing anything that happened in Israel needs a one-way ticket to gaza.

Can anyone in their right mind figure out why the US of A is letting in hundreds of thousands of undocumented illegals?

There is not a shred of doubt that hamas is among those crossing the borders. This is what liberal woke save-the-whales-turtles-snails-trees and gnats want?

You read this here first: The US is creating the perfect storm for terrorists to infiltrate every city in the country. And they will pay very dearly for their stupidity. This is literally nero watching rome burn.

There are many, many thousands of people who are trying to get into the US using the legal channels. Honest, decent people who will contribute to society. And it will take them years to get through the red tape.

What is coming in through the southern borders and then shipped via bus and train to every city in the US that has a hotel are both persecuted people and outright terrorists - all being shipped around the country like boxes of tomatoes and potatoes.

Remember - they are creating the perfect storm. And when that happens, it will be too late to do anything - if it's not already too late.

Israel is warning Canada not to take in any arabs from gaza. Imagine? Canada has to be told this piece of information? Boggles the mind.

Is our immigration minister Marc Miller so woke, so liberal and/or so dumb that he doesn't see any arab country taking in these people? Not even Egypt where about 2 million gazans are waiting at the border for the gates to open.

Justin and his cohorts seem to be walking this ridiculous idea a bit back as Miller said they never discussed the transfer of gazans out of hamas controlled gaza. Not true.

Next week Justin is expected to launch a 'temporary' immigration program for extended family members of Canadians who are trapped in gaza. So which is it? You're taking them in or you're not?

Can we talk? Who exactly is vetting these people? Immigration Canada - the bloated, bureaucratic office that wouldn't know a hamas terrorist if they walked into him.

Nobody from gaza comes here. Nobody. If they have family here, then let their family either send money to gaza, which hamas will probably intercept, or go there and help them. Common sense peeps.

At this point, does anyone really care if Justin stays at a villa that rents out at $9300 per night CAD? Seems he's friends with the owner (Peter Green) who gave it to him, his estranged wife Sophie and three children for free.

Justin clearly learned from his India trip and vacation other fiascos, so this vacation was cleared in advance by new federal Ethics Commissioner Konrad von Finckenstein. FYI - the villa is fully staffed by a cook, gardener, housekeepers and butlers.

It's not that he doesn't need a holiday. It's his entitled d0-you-know-who-I-am syndrome that is makes him act like an immature spoiled brat. Our guess is that he will never grow up and is one of those lucky his father was born before him.

Not sure about anyone else, but have you noticed that the 136 men, women, children and babies taken hostage on October 7 have disappeared completely from the news cycle?

They are never mentioned. Slogans are very nice but what's happening?

And while we're at it, do slogans even help? It doesn't appear so.

We sincerely pray that Israel has not forgotten them in their thirst to eliminate hamas as they are in a living hell with no end in sight.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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