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Nancy Pelosi’s Undignified, Petulant Reaction

Of all the things that Nancy Pelosi did in the past three years, ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech takes the cake – with candles and sparklers.

This is how the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives conducts herself in the Senate? She thinks that tearing up Trump’s speech makes her look professional? Or does think it plays to those never-trumpets in her orbit?

None of the above. It makes her look undignified and incompetent, like a petulant child stamping her feet. No matter what she has done to get rid of Trump, he just won’t go away. Nothing the democrats have tried has worked. Trump is a street guy and he’s not going to cower at anything Pelosi and her group throw at him. In fact, it strengthens his resolve.

At the same time that she was tearing up his speech, the Iowan caucus fiasco was and still is in full bloom. It’s still not over and now everyone wants a recount. It has taken them three days to count 169 districts, when it should have taken them three hours. Something smells badly there and it’s not Trump.

Today, Biden suddenly left his campaign and went home. That doesn’t look good for him or his supporters. Biden’s staff knew they probably wouldn’t come in first but were floored – to put it mildly – to discover that they will likely end up at a distant fourth. This will make his ability to raise money very difficult.

So now what’s Pelosi left with? The person she hates in her party: Bernie Sanders. What’s she going to do to get rid of him? Tear up his manifesto? He’s the last person insiders want as their nominee, as he is exactly what he says and has been for decades: A socialist who comes with  other hard-core left of left democrats.

She can’t pin this on Trump. Nope. She has to look directly in the mirror and face the person who tried her darnedest to get rid of Zaidy Bernie and failed. Tear up his speeches won’t work here. The only thing she can do is stack the votes at the convention, as Hillary did the last time. Dirty playing which Pelosi knows how to do very well.

Yesterday, Peter MacKay said he would not commit to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem, breaking with Conservative Party policy. A few short hours later, he backtracked saying that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem under his leadership.

Mackay may have name recognition, but he’s far from the smartest tool in the shed. He’s slow on the uptake and could not figure out that his staff was feeding him drivel at best, very bad information at worse.

Instead, he parroted what they wrote without thinking. He’s not prime ministerial material. End of story.

Here’s some scoop on what’s going on in China and other places with the coronavirus:

…The lockdown is affecting 50 million people. The quarantine is in the city of Wuhan and much of the surrounding province of Hubei and has exacerbated a shortage of medical supplies, testing kits and hospital beds.

…The lockdown is also affecting transporation so medical supplies and food cannot get to the affected area.

…The doctor – Li Wenliang – who was among the first to warn about the coronavirus outbreak, only to be silenced by the police, died.

…Experts in Hong Kong have declared a community outbreak in the city, with the coronavirus spreading on its own without people coming from the mainland

And now for those who insist that vacationing with 6,000 people on a cruise ship is a nice vacation and are now quarantined on their ship for 2 weeks at least:

Japanese health authorities are providing masks for everyone on board in order to allow a certain number of guests to have access to the open air decks outside of their cabins.

Imagine if you are on an inside cabin? Prison would be the operative word here.

Blanche, are you wondering what they are eating in their rooms? Like how do they get their meals? Here ya go: Food and drinks are being served by crew members. One guest described breakfast: two hardboiled eggs, a bowl of fruit with yogurt and granola drizzled on top, a muffin and a croissant, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Not bad, but ya gotta eat in your room and leave the dishes outside the door.

It also appears that there are guards in the hallways to make sure the ‘guests’ stay in their rooms. That ship is one big floating germ. We hope for those people that 2 weeks is all they have to spend there.

On another note, our genius mayor is completely banning plastic bags in Montreal next year. Beginning next year, even clothing stores won’t be able to use them.

May we suggest that Madame Plante visit China, India and Pakistan where the world’s pollution really takes place? Feel-good gestures like banning plastic bags are literally like emptying the ocean with a fork. But hey, she feels good.

We saved the gross part for the end. If you are squeamish or eating, don’t read this or stop eating. China has identified a cave of bats as one of the sources of the corona and other viruses. It is well known that Chinese people eat everything – everything.  The government has even attempted to ban consumption of wildlife from government banquets, which, according to one source is a ‘big thing’.

And because the Chinese eat ‘anything’, the viruses that these animals carry ‘spill over’ into their population. Our advice: If and when you go to China, eat only vegetables and fruit or kosher food. Just because they say it’s a beef burger over there doesn’t mean a thing. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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