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We apologize for not putting out Blanche on Thursday and as a peace offering, are writinga blog today. Tuesday we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here’s a surprise. Not. Delta Airlines warns that because the price of oil has increased, that could mean higher ticket prices. Does higher ticket prices also mean that the price of checking luggage on the plane is also going to go up? You bet your hippy it does.  Our guess is that the money-hungry airlines will take full advantage of the increase in the price of oil anywhere they can. 

People have been cooped up for two years, unable to travel, they will grumble but pay the extra fees. It will be hidden in your ticket, no doubt called a gas surcharge or something like that. Let’s see if it is removed with the price of oil finally drops.

Ex-governor Andrew Cuomo is coming back to life. He obviously has nothing else to do. No doubt he has an ‘advisor’ telling him where and when to speak and for sure not to breathe a word about the numerous scandals that forced him out of office. He is seriously thinking of running for governor again. Clearly there is no end to his narcissistic personality.

Here’s a headline: Not everyone forgets what he did. Especially the tens of thousands of families who lost loved ones during the first part of the pandemic, the direct fault of Cuomo. We will jog your memory and remind you that in fact that was not what had him evicted from the governor’s mansion.

It was the many women who came forward and accused him of sexual impropriety. Not one. Not two. Many. And Cuomo is humming along as though nothing ever happened. If you look up slime ball in the dictionary, his picture will be there. Feh.

In a collision between the woke culture and entitled young adults, spring break has turned ugly. We hope that no one is surprised.

It appears that because entitled students could not party for the past two years due to covid, they decided that they have been granted, by some Divine entity, the right to let loose this year. No holes barred.  No antics too close to the edge. Everything is in the mix.

Bearing the brunt of this is Miami Beach. Our suggestion is that if you are planning to go there in the next few days and are not looking for hoards of inebriated, basically out of control people, cheek to cheek on the beach, change your plans.

It’s now official. The pope has denounced Russia’s “repugnant war” against Ukraine as “cruel and sacrilegious inhumanity.” While he is correct, he has about as much power and influence to do anything about it as the United Nations. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Until someone puts a bullet in Putin’s head, he will continue to pummel Ukraine for even trying to stand up to him. How dare they? He has anointed himself leader of Russia for life and they dared question his desire to rule over them?

The saying off with their heads fits perfectly here. Not only does he want to punish Ukraine, he wants to obliterate their existence. How? He’s is now aiming for women and children, who are the next generation. And as long as the world stands by and allows him, he will continue to do so.

No leadership in the world has now taken on a whole new meaning.

The NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship wrapped up last night, accentuated by rumblings over the unfairness of the inclusion of a biologically male swimmer in female races. Thelma, seriously, have people totally lost their minds?

If someone decides today that they are now identifying as a male and they enter a swim competition this is considered normal behavior? This is considered fair? The guy – and that’s what he is – is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger – pumped up and ready to go.

He may be transgender, but the whole woke-how-dare-you-say-a-word-about-this movement stinks and is one gigantic lie. Yes, there are people who feel more male or female than their gender. So become transgender and move on with your life.

The people who allowed this transgender person to compete against female swimmers are the biggest culprits in the whole thing, sanctioning total insanity.

Thelma, have you heard a word about BLM – Black Lives Matter – in a very long time? No you have not because from top to bottom it is a corrupt organization. To wit, Monica Cannon-Grant, on of the blm ‘leaders’ in Boston, and her husband, Clark Grant, were hit with an 18-page federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy on Tuesday.

Federal authorities allege that Cannon-Grant and Grant have defrauded a large sum of donor dollars out of over $1 million in grants and donations given to their nonprofit, Violence in Boston, which aims to help violence survivors in the city. Claims is the key word here.

This is not the first time that there have been suspicions about this dynamic duo. Last October, Grant was arrested by federal agents who raided the couple’s home. He was charged with lying on a mortgage statement and collecting pandemic unemployment benefits illegally.

The lengthy indictment alleges Cannon-Grant and her husband engaged in three different fraud schemes: lying on a mortgage application, defrauding donors and illicitly collecting approximately $1 million in pandemic-related unemployment benefits.

The couple is accused of using a $6,000 grant meant for a trip for at-risk young men for personal expenditures.

All of this of course brought to you by the same people who encouraged setting downtown Portland Oregon and other cities on fire and rioting during covid when everyone else was under a curfew and was not stopped, with save-the-whales-turtles cheering them on.

Where are all of those people today? No doubt hiding away under a turtle shell.

We’ll talk…

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