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No One Knows

It’s 12:48 am and the next president of the United States will not be decided tonight.

States like Pennsylvania did not start opening, never mind counting mail-in ballots until today. At 12:30 am they announced they were shutting down for the night and would reopen at 8:00 am this morning to begin counting again. Arizona is in the same boat.

If you want a headline for this election here’s one: While the pollsters and media did not openly say that Biden would win because they got burned so badly in 2016, they clearly misread the population.

Biden was not nearly as popular as they thought he was. Trump may not win the election, but he will get more of the popular vote than he did four years ago. And even if Biden wins, it’s not a good win as the country is still clearly divided.

Putting an almost 80 year old man as the face of their party didn’t work. While he’s a nice guy, he did not ignite the young or even middle-aged voters. Everyone thought those voting early were Biden supporters. It appears that Covid was an even bigger reason people voted early, simply to avoid the crowds.

And finally, the wind has been taken out of the sails of those whose main objective was to wreak havoc in cities by rioting and looting. Yes, there may be pockets of idiots clashing with police, but overall, this has mercifully been a quiet, peaceful night.

Really and truly, G-d bless America.

We’ll talk tomorrow.

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