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In the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department, Hillary Clinton publicly delivered the acceptance speech she would have given had she won the 2016 presidential election. Ostensibly, she gave the speech as part of a MasterClass educational video series on the topic of resilience.

Resilience? Can we talk? This is the furthest thing from resilience since carter’s little liver pills. Reading a speech that you would have said over five years ago had you been madam president that horror of horrors you lost to Donald Trump is not resilience. It’ needing a very good shrink.

Papa Legault and Richard Nixon have become interchangeable. When Nixon was confronted with proof that people knew he had given the green light to break into the Democratic Headquarters, he said – nothing to see here. Move on.

When Papa Legault was confronted with proof that people knew he was aware of what was happening in the Heron Senior home and had given the green light not only to do nothing, but to send people infected with covid there he said – nothing to see here. Move on.

The weak opposition Liberals are asking for an independent public inquiry and Papa Legault is saying the inquiries that were already launched are enough. No. They are not enough as the living conditions in those places are the same as they were in March 2020. Nothing has changed.

Papa Legault best read some history and see what happened to Richard Nixon who left office in disgrace, caught up in his lies and deception. Papa Legault is lying and trying to deceive the public and we very much hope  he winds up like Nixon aka I am not a crook.

If you are a liberal democrat living in the US and love the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris gruesome twosome, you are about to get the rug pulled out from under you.

In the latest poll asking people who they wanted to run in the 2024 presidential election, a pathetic  22% said they wanted Biden, while 12% said they wanted Harris. Ouch.

It appears that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but clearly not all of the people all of the time.

And in keeping with the wonderful liberal-save-the-whale democrats, of the 12 U.S. cities that have set annual homicide records in 2021, every one is led by a Democratic mayor.

The dozen cities included Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; Indianapolis, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Austin, Texas.

Aside from crime, the homeless situations are becoming intolerable and the new way of ‘shopping’ – smash and grab mobs – is completely out of control.

Some cities are slowly waking up and staring to ‘refund’ the police as opposed to defunding the police. We hope for these people that it’s not too late to fix things. Maybe they should call in Colin Kaepernick to take a knee while the looting is happening.

Does Justin’s minister of transport Omar Alghabra or Justin himself know what’s happening with the covid ‘hotels’? That they are not hotels? That people don’t get food or water for a day or so?

Do they know that their own border police at the land border don’t know what’s flying in terms of who gets into the country with what covid papers? Does he know that many people cannot figure out how to complete the arrivcan app and are getting a 2 week quarantine punishment?

No he doesn’t and no he doesn’t care. We are the little peeps and he is the entitled one.

Bill 21 is alive and well in Quebec with the government carrying out its mandate to fire anyone wearing an overt religious symbol. Why? Because in la belle quebec the government wants a socialist society. No religion. No outward expression of wearing something that is traditional to who you are.

A teacher in western Quebec – where Papa Legault’s base lives, was ‘reassigned’ because she was wearing a hijab,  ‘contaminating’ her students with her religion just by her very being.

In the eyes of Papa Legault and his missives unless you are pure-laine french canadian, white and catholic you will be tolerated here and clearly not much else.

Where is Justin saying that quebec is not a nation but one of ten provinces?  That quebecers live in the nation of Canada and this is against their constitutional rights?

Why is that weasel leader of the Conservative party Erin O’Toole not holding Justin’s feet to the fire? The election campaign is over. What’s his excuse now? Is O’Toole still scared of his own underwear? Did he look down and see his kahoonas were gone making him afraid to actually step up to the plate and say something.

Fellow English, white and allophone quebecers – we are on our own. No one is going to help us so you best get used to living in a place where your rights mean absolutely nothing. And if you don’t fit the description of a pure-laine quebecer, as per Papa Legault, you don’t belong here.

No, they won’t toss us out, but they will take away as many rights as they can get away with.

We want to apologize if you got the Blanche Report twice on Tuesday. Twasn’t our fault. There was an AWS – Amazon Web Services outage.

Not only was constant contact affected, Amazon deliveries went dark, people’s Ring doorbells didn’t work, Disney Parks could not let people in and Netflix stopped working.

For those of us who have dumb houses – where we have to turn on a light with a lightswitch or use our vacuum cleaners by hand we were fine. People with smart houses were in trouble. Smart lightbulbs stopped responding to voice commands and, perish the thought – the roomba robot vacuum stopped working. The outage lasted a very long time and as yet there is no reason for it.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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