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No Shortage of Sorrow…

Istanbul’s synagogue  is understood to be the most probable target of the allegedly impending isis attacks, which has a community center and school attached to it. Sources said that this is a more than credible threat. This is an active plot, adding the information gathered from the operatives indicated an imminent attack that could be in the next 24 hours or next few days.

We are guessing that the school and synagogue is closed for now but we may be wrong. For sure intensive security measures are being put in place, including undercover and covert round-the-clock terror measures. G-d should protect them, those living in Israel under this kind of threat 24/7 and Jews worldwide.

Citing security concerns in the region, the Pentagon and State Department are ordering the dependents of personnel to leave several regions in Turkey—a move which will affect at least 670 people who are mostly at Incirlik Air Base.

The decision to order U.S. military dependents to leave Turkey is based on “the changing security environment” and the “potential increase in threats and risks.” This next part is well, a tad on the silly side: The 670 military dependents and 287 personal pets will be flown out of Turkey by U.S. military transports or charter flights. Personal pets on a charter flight? Dats a lotta arfing and meowing. The circus that is called the republican candidates competing to run for president just keeps getting more insane by the day.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with simple battery today for allegedly manhandling Michelle Fields, a reporter for the conservative news outlet Breitbart. One of the criminal attorneys representing him in these matters is a former U.S. Attorney who left office after it became public that he had bitten a dancer at a strip club.

Got that? His campaign manager hit a woman hard enough to cause a bruise and the lawyer bit a dancer. How special is this? Policies? Terrorists and what to do with them? The economy? Pshhh. Immaterial. The best line is that Trump will figure all of this out once elected as he will surround himself with ‘advisers’. Blanche, there are not enough advisers in the United States to help Trump.

The Ghomeshi trial and its outcome is not a simple matter. It is complex and treading into unchartered judicial waters.

In an article we read about this case, one statement stood out: men co-operate; women collude. It has been proven that those who have been abused react differently than someone who has not been abused. Emotional trauma plays into this. Had the women in question truly cooperated with the police, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Their failure not to tell the whole truth has allowed someone who may have indeed assaulted them to go free.

We are saddened to report that the wife of Joe Schwarz, passed away.

As well, Jean Lapierre, the unbelievably clear, honest and brilliant political commentator heard daily on CJAD died today in plane crash together with members of his family. They were en route to make arrangements for his father’s funeral.  Truly a loss…

We’ll talk…

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