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Not the Time for Doom and Gloom. Time to Hunker Down.

While this is certainly not the time for politics, we never thought we would be writing these words: Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau are the two worst leaders either country could possibly have at this time. They are both completely over their heads, unable to process the very fast moving information.

The truth is, Trump has surrounded himself with very intelligent people, like Dr. Anthony Fauci who speaks clearly and knows what he’s talking about. Dr. Tam in Canada also seems good. But those two bozos should stay away from the cameras.

We will not bore you with every ridiculous thing Trump said. Just the few that caused the stock markets to crash into oblivion. A couple of days ago – which in this climate is like two years ago –  he said the virus would last a couple of weeks and we’d be over with it. On Sunday or Monday when asked the same question his response? Till July or August. That sent the stock market into a total spiral.

Today he told people to stay home and enjoy their homes. Is he on drugs? Does he think people are happy sitting at home for an undetermined amount of time, many in small apartments  with a lot of children or with elderly parents or in slums or take your pick.

As for our genius (Justin), today we wanted to strangle him through the computer screen. First of all, his demeanour is awful. What’s with him? He looks like a muppet reading the news. He can’t be a real human being?  He is simply unable to sound like the leader of a country.

He began his address today by saying Canada is here for you. What drivel. Then he said all historic parks will be closed. Like anyone is going to take a historic park now. But by far the worst is that the federal government and the provinces are not in sync. The provinces are saying one thing and the federal government is saying something else.

Case in point: In Ontario there is now a 10 person limit to gatherings. Ottawa is still saying 50 people.

Now your blood pressure will go through the roof: He suggested ordering in rather than going to restaurants. WHAT????? Restaurants are closed and if they are not, should be. The fact that he’s still even suggesting that people go to a restaurant is indicative of his complete lack of comprehension on what is going on in the rest of the world.

Next on the chopping block is the Conservative party who refuses to put the leadership race on hold. They are completely tone deaf. This organization is led by a man by the name of Cory Hann. He needs to be told what a fool he his and we suggest you call and tell him yourself.  Here’s where to reach this genius: 866-808-8407.

Perhaps tell him that people are not really interested in hearing about a leadership race when they don’t know when they will be going back to work, how they are going to pay their rent and are dealing with children and elderly parents. Hann is a fool and that’s a nice word.

What he will really listen to though,  is what makes the world go round: you will stop your donations to the party.  While we won’t vote for Trudeau – ever – this Hann dude is single-handedly making people re-evaluate if they will vote at all.

In all fairness, most of the candidates, including Marilyn Gladu, are dead set against Hann’s decision. She feels the campaign should be suspended until further notice. And she has all her signatures and enough money. She’s realistic, something the men around her are not.

While Bill di Blasio, mayor of New York is by far our not our favourite person, he gets it. In NY city if you open your restaurant or bar, you will either be fined and/or put into jail. NY has by far the most cases in the country at 1500.

He also warned NY city residents that within 48 hours the city he may enact shelter in place. That means that wherever you are, that’s where you stay. So find a nice place, get some good wine and food and hunker down.

And then there’s Mexico City who held a massive music festival this past weekend. Over 70,000 people attended. We have three words for this: Build that wall.

In the lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous department, the Queen has moved up the Easter holiday. She’s leaving Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle a week earlier than expected. We are guessing for her, Easter and Windsor Castle are synonymous. The palace also noted, on Monday of this week, that they are canceling large events where the coronavirus may spread. Slow, very slow over there.

Stay home. Stay home. Stay home.

We’ll talk…

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