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Clearly czar legault is looking for attention five minutes before the election and the English and immigrant population is g't speak French, or don't adhere to the values of Quebec society.g Is this something new to anyone?

Clearly czar legault is looking for attention five minutes before the election and the English and immigrant population is giving it to him in spades.

Instead of focusing on what the immigration minister said, how about going after legault for trying to change the channel away from the real issues? Nope. Everybody fell in hook, line and sinker.

What exactly is the difference between what the immigration minister said and the czar saying that more than 50,000 immigrants per year would be suicide to Quebec society? Or bill 21 or 96? We'll tell you. Nothing. No difference.

Legault is a white, french speaking, catholic old man. His vision of quebec will put it into the terlit and he doesn't care. All he cares about is power. He loves power, kind of like Putin. And to get that power he needs to appeal to his base, which he did. End of story.

Here's a headline: Young french-Canadian voters speak English and know that business in the world is conducted in English. Here's another headline: so does legault.

The czar legault is a very sly politician. Not only does he want to win at any cost, but he wants a big win. He would like nothing better than to have zero opposition.

You can be very sure that in the next cabinet the now-fired immigration minister will be repaid handsomely for taking some heat for legault. As always, when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

And speaking about racism, there were a few requests for more Archie Bunker, the mother-of-all-racists. Here ya go:

...The rules are written by the bureaucraps.

...I miss the good old days. When people didn't have to pretend they give a sh.t.

...Good morning America. What are we offended by today?

And our personal favorite: You liberals play the victim so well I'm surprised you don't carry your own chalk.

Florida was just hit with the mother-of-all hurricanes. Everyone saw it coming. Officials begged people to move out, go to high ground. Unfortunately, many hundreds if not thousands of people did not heed this advice and are now either dead or in dire straits.

We will never comprehend why people don't listen when a life and death situation confronts them. Do they think they are going to be able to save their trailer in the face of a 15 foot wall of water? Exactly which part of leave or we can't save you don't they understand? Maybe English isn't their first language as per legault's base here in la belle province.

And by the way, where are the voices of the rest of Canada in the face of this open racism? Where is Justin, Mr. Liberal-save-the-trees-and-whales? Why is he silent? If he's so concerned about the underdog - well, we're alive and well and living in quebec.

So far, the Globe and Mail has nailed the czar.

The University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law has developed a "Jewish Free Zone". What does that mean?

They amended their bylaws to ensure that they will never invite any speakers that support Israel or 'Zionism'.

To put this into context, it has been a century since Jewish-free zones first spread to the San Francisco Bay Area - “No Dogs. No Jews”. This is not the only university to be openly anti-Semitic. The State university at New Paltz in New York, the University of Southern California and Tufts are now targeting Jews directly.

Anti-Zionism is antisemitic and using the word “Zionist” is a euphemism for Jew. It's time to stand up to these anti-Semites and not cower and adhere to their racist edicts.

We cannot understand how Putin is still alive, how no one on a suicide mission put a bullet in his head.

If you are a man in Russia and you can walk and talk, you will be conscripted. We heard there was a 10 mile line of traffic to cross the border out of Russia. Don't think Putin won't shut down that border. He is a demented dictator who needs to be put out of his misery.

We are not one to comment on how people look, but Whoopi Goldberg is simply gross. Her big mouth doesn't help her situation.

Her delicate sensibilities were offended when someone said Biden is losing it. Well Ms. Goldberg, Biden is losing it. His latest gaffe was asking for a dead woman to come forward to recognize her for her work. "Where's Jackie? Where's Jackie?" Dude - she changed addresses a couple of months ago.

The key here is that he had honored her a month ago because she had died.

Get one thing straight. We are not ageists. If one is old and able to work, go for it. But when you start losing it, like calling on a dead woman because you forgot she was dead, it's time to hang up the skates. Put away the bat. Hang up the tennis racket. And Whoopi? Put a sock in it.

Be very careful what you wish for. If Biden takes a hike, we get Kamala.

Her latest gaffe - and there are many - was a beauty. She was speaking about America's alliance with south Korea. Instead of saying South Korea she said and we quote: "..the United States has a “strong and enduring” alliance with the Republic of North Korea.

This woman is one fry short of a happy meal, one cornflake short of a box and two buttons short of a top. In other words, she is in Justin's airhead department. Does she not look like a hyena?

People in France are feeling the effects of the war in Ukraine as it is pushing their fuel prices a third higher than they were last year.

Practically, they will have colder workspaces for employees, colder homes, slower escalators and reduced train speeds.

The colder workspaces will be a chilly 66 fahrenheit or 19 celsius. Not freezing but definitely not warm in a city that has stone buildings that retain the cold and damp. Welcome to Europe who put all their eggs into the Russian gas basket.

The Quebec election this Monday, October 3. From what we have been hearing, it appears that people may be caving and again voting liberal because of what the caq has said in the past couple of days. People are running back to a party that is weak and ineffective.

The liberals don't have your back. They never did. They always got in because people were afraid of voting for another second party. Do not be afraid to vote for the conservative party.

The liberal party has an ineffective leader, they are lying in those ads that say they never voted for Bill 96 or 21. No, they didn't vote for it. They added to it, which is way worse.

They were silent in the face of our healthcare crisis. They were silent for months when czar legault had the media wrapped around his finger. They are not the savior of the english and immigrants in Quebec and have not been for decades.

Give Eric Duhaime and the conservative party a chance. He has a machine behind him and he is not afraid of czar legault.

And finally - make sure to vote. It is a privilege not to be squandered.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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