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November 27, 2012

So Toronto has joined the ranks of Montreal, Laval and London Ontario (he’s facing fraud charges) and almost lost their mayor, Rob Ford. Hold the smug, he’s till there for now.

Corporate and lobbyist donors had given $3000 to the Rob Ford Football Foundation when he was a city councilor. Ford had violated council’s code of conduct when he used city letterhead to solicit the donations and it was recommended that he pay back the money out of his own pocket. He repeatedly refused. (Not the smartest cookie in the box move.) It appears that he was in a conflict of interest when he spoke and voted at council Feb. 7 to free himself from personally repaying the donations. Would you say?

He is appealing the court decision that he leave and was told today that he can remain mayor for at least another two weeks, until his appeal is heard. Then if things get tied up in court, who knows how long he’ll hang in there.

What’s with these mayors anyway? Power does some interesting things to people’s psyche. They either pretend they never saw anything or are so taken with their power that they forget they also have to follow the law. Next.

Some of the confetti that was strewn about during the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in Manhattan had sensitive information from the Long Island police department and top secret details about Romney’s motorcade. Now how is that possible? Well, it appears that someone in the shredding department there needs a lesson or two.  The documents were shredded horizontally not vertically, so people were able to read the information while watching floats go by. If you are following the Susan Rice saga, her future plans have further derailed. She’s in line to take over from Hilary Clinton as secretary of state.  In a nutshell, she was the front-spokesperson for Obama in explaining to the nation what happened in Libya in the days following the attack. That’s when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were murdered. For weeks Obama stood by his ‘it was the video that made them do it’ story. We now know (something it seems Obama knew all along), that it was a full-blown terrorist attack on September 11 of this year. Susan Rice went on five different talk shows, spouting the video business.

Today she conceded that she incorrectly described the attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya. But she said she based her statement on the intelligence available at the time and did not intend to mislead the American public. What did she really know and when did she know it? Seems she may lose her next position because she’s either not able to or not wanting to answer those questions. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you need them? Your tax dollars are at work again. The little missives in the office de la langue francais are not happy. Why this time? Well, it seems that when sales people say bonjour and hello they don’t like the hello part. Yes Blanche, you read that correctly. Too much Anglais ici. The french language will be in dire peril if Lucille working in Old Montreal and dealing with tourists all day, says hello. Hello!!! Can we talk? Are they nuts? No, they are paranoid people on a speeding roller coaster with no off switch.  We think this is yet another of those float a balloon and see the reaction brainwave ideas. They are also targeting the IT, scientific research, train and airline sectors and finance. IT? There is no language there! It is the universal language of computer geeks. Blanche, go git a bag – they lost their marbles and we’re gonna catch them.

We’ll talk…

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