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Obama Could Win the PGA

We started this blog with a commentary on what is happening virtually all over Europe regarding the murders of Jews and other people by lone wolves. But after reading an excellent, albeit very long article on What isis Really Wants, we scrapped that. Then we surfed to see what Drudge was saying and saw this chilling headline: Italy Fears Isis Invasion. Then we heard a long debate on why Obama refuses to use the word terrorism. We came to the following conclusion:

Until and unless the world unites against isis, they will do whatever they want, wherever they want. Their main goals are the eradication of Israel and the implementation of sharia law throughout the world. The article paints a grim picture till the very end and even then one can’t call it really positive. The author does not think that in the end isis will win, but the war will be bloody and protracted. Here’s the link but be forewarned: The author did his homework and was given carte-blanche as to the length of the article.

Last week a Jewish journalist decided to test how safe the streets of Paris are for Jews by wearing a yarmulka and tzitzis and silently walking around the city for ten hours with a hidden camera. He went to all parts – the tourist areas, the Jewish area and through mostly muslim neighborhoods.

The reactions, although shocking, were not surprising. Antisemitism is thriving in Paris as he is seen harassed, spat upon and intimidated. In one part of Paris a little boy was shocked at his appearance in his neighborhood:  ‘What is he doing here Mommy?’ he asked. ‘Doesn’t he know he will be killed?’

He reported that French Jews now wear hats to cover their yarmulkas and basically stay home at night because it’s just not safe to go out. Netanyahu is right. They should get the heck outta there and leave the rest of the French population to deal with what’s left – not too many who will contribute anything to their country.

So which are the best smallish airports in the world with the best punctuality? There were twenty on the list, with Bristol, Brussels and Berlin at the top. Portland Oregon was number 20. Of the medium airports the winners were Osaka Japan and…Moscow of all places.

The moral of the story is you can often save time by flying to and from smaller airport but ya gotta get there. Smaller airports have less obstacles to overcome than larger airports and don’t usually have to deal with weather patterns tens of thousands miles away, competition for gate space, or a higher rate of miscellaneous errors. What? Miscellaneous errors? Now what the heck are those Blanche?

We hope we were not the only ones to remember Mayor Coderre saying before his election that having a bilingual Montreal would be great for tourism and small businesses. Ah, but that was before the election. Now he’s sitting in the mayor’s chair and zut alors, just like that he did an about turn.

When asked today on Tommy’s show what he thought about a bilingual Montreal his answer was: he doesn’t believe our city needs a special bilingual status for economic development.”Montreal is a French metropolis, but we have to use our judgement. We don’t want another ‘Pastagate’, but I don’t think we need that kind of status”.

Can we talk? Was he lying while running for mayor just to get elected? Blanche, perish the thought. Wasn’t he different from all the other politicians when running? Didn’t he sound truthful? What happens to these people when power hits them? Do they lose any and all sense of morality? I wish that Tommy had played back what he said last year. We used to like our mayor. Now we’re not so sure. He’s turning out to be just like the rest of the lowlife politicians. Feh. Here’s a little something for all those brilliant people who elected Obama for a second term: The first family decided to take separate vacations for valentines day. Like they need another vacation. Obama flew to California for a fundraiser and a speech. He then spent the next three days playing golf at an exclusive resort. No surprise there. He certainly wasn’t worrying about what to call isis over the weekend.

At the same time Michelle and the girls were skiing in Aspen. Figures show that Air Force One costs $228,288 per hour to run. As a result, the ten-hour return trip to California would cost almost $2.3 million. It is estimated that Mrs Obama’s skiing trip cost a further $100,000. With accommodation and car rental, the weekend break would cost $2.5 million. Guess who paid? One thing is certain. By the time Obama’s stint as president is over, he might be able to enter the PGA tour and actually win. Then he won’t have to go on speaking tours.

We’ll talk…

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