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One Chip Short of a Bag

Barbaric, grotesque savages. That about sums up isis. It seems that they have killed yet another American – this time a Jew –  in a gruesome fashion. What will stop them is a concerted effort by many countries, which doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. In the meantime, they just continue to terrorize and murder at will. We wonder who is watching the videos they put on the internet. We also wonder how anyone could watch them…

In case you had any doubts that the united nations is anti-semitic, your doubts may be finally put to rest. It has emerged today that on a regular basis the un holds events and important meetings on either Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, knowing full well that they are Jewish holidays. A motion has been put forth to add Yom Kippur to the un calendar which would ascertain that day as a holiday. They are voting next month, making it a tight for Yom Kippur this year.

Didn’t you always think that if you had an Apple computer life was simple? No hackers, no viruses. Think again. This past weekend many celebrity iclouds were hacked and, shall we say, compromising pictures of them are now viewable for public consumption. We checked into this and suggest that if you own an apple go to and sign in where it says my apple id and complete the two-step verification. It’s a tad complicated but will most likely save you from the losers in their hemdels (undershirts) somewhere in Pakistan trolling your personal information.

Remember the prison break by  helicopter in June? When two dudes were in the prison yard a helicopter landed, they jumped in and it took off? Well, today a report came out – paid by you – that personnel at the Quebec Detention Center were not prepared to react to what happened. Really? Come on. You’re kidding? They didn’t know what to do?

Can we talk? A similar prison break took place a year earlier. There was a  report with ‘voluminous’ amounts of documentation which, it appears, no one looked at. We are not surprised. Of course there are some working for the government who do have a brain and are able to do their job. There are others however, who are obviously one chip short of a bag and no matter how much information they are given, are just not going to get it or can’t read it. Your tax dollars at work.

Traveling anytime soon? Dig deeper into your pocket. Last month, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security fee on tickets went up from $2.50 to $5.60. That’s each way.

Guess how many taxes there are on every airline ticket you purchase? 17. Yes Blanche, 17 different taxes on every single ticket. For example: 7.5 percent excise tax, a fee to use the airport facility, and even a tax for arriving or departing internationally. And as these taxes are government mandated, there’s zippo you can do about them. The only salvation in all of this is when you a click total amount for your ticket, all these taxes are already included. No surprises just heart failure when you see that a ticket to New York is $600. Now you know why.

If you have nothing to do in the next couple of weeks, we can help fill your time. The Quebec government is looking for ideas on how where and how they can save money.  Let’s start with the office de la langue francais. Aside from pencil pushing and being beyond annoying, we’re not sure what other purpose they serve.

The site is called expressez-vous but alas there is no English button to translate the page. Tout en francais. Guess they don’t think les Anglais have much to offer. Quel dommage.

We leave you with yet another obamaism. On Monday, the British Prime Minister Cameron said, ““To confront the threat of Islamist extremism, we need a tough, intelligent, patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at its source. We must use all the resources at our disposal, our aid, our diplomacy and our military.” Three days earlier Britain raised its terrorism level threat to severe. Now for Obama.

“Yes, the Middle East is challenging, but the truth is it’s been challenging for quite a while,” he said. “I promise you things are much less dangerous now than they were 20 years ago, 25 years ago or 30 years ago. This is not something that is comparable to the challenges we faced during the Cold War.” Wait, he gets better and happily said the following: “The post-9/11 security apparatus “makes us in the here and now pretty safe” and that the threat from ISIS “doesn’t immediately threaten the homeland.”

If anyone is looking for a leader of the free world, you best not look south. Nobody’s home.

We’ll talk…

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