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One Year Ago Today…

At sundown on Thursday night of this week, the second days of Passover begin. As such, Blanche will make her appearance today and tomorrow.

Not everyone who reads Blanche is from Quebec. Ergo when we post something about ASSE, they kind of snicker  and do not pronounce it as we do, if you get the drift. The acronym stands for Association pour une solidarite syndicale etudiante which loosely translated means Association for student union solidarity.

Asse claims to represent 80,000 students here in Quebec. We have our doubts about that number but hey, no one is doing a head count.

This past weekend they ousted their entire executive – poof! Seems those student leaders wanted to wait to strike in the fall with the unions while many others want to go out now and most likely lose their entire school year.

Here’s our advice: Call princess pauline because she was marching with them in their last hurrah, complete with the red square pinned proudly on her clothing. It was in fact, those student demonstrations in 2012 brought down the previous Liberal giving  power to  the princess and her missives. Alas, she has deserted both her party and the students. Is there no loyalty?

And speaking of the princess, tonight marks a year since her very quick and shall we say less than elegant departure from politics. Can we talk? That night she looked like a deer in the headlights on a dark road in Verrrmont. The Liberal Party won the election in a stunning defeat of the princess and her missives. Our nails have yet to recover from that election night.

Watch out for rising prices in almonds, oranges tomatoes and other food coming out of California due to a severe drought.

Using the metaphor of a bank account to describe the state’s groundwater supply: Deposits need to be made in good times so that the water can be withdrawn in hard times. That was not done. And now we are all going to pay for that.

Wait Blanche, that sounds like what’s happening here in Quebec. Zut alors, dat’s the austerity march. Free tuition, free medical care, free housing, free cars and ‘someone else’ will pay. What? Put money aside ‘in case’? What a silly idea.

Dudes, we don’t want to break it to you, but you the marchers are the ones who are going to be left holding the veritable bag if you don’t smarten up. The Chicago Cubs play baseball in Wrigley field which is undergoing some serious renovations. Sounds reasonable. Yesterday was opening day and there were, oh, say about 40,000 or so fans in the stadium. Trouble was, only 2 bathrooms were working in the entire place. Yes Blanche, you read that right. Two bathrooms were working. Don’t even try to picture what happened. Just remember that quebec is not the only place that has construction idiots. Today is the first day of the long-awaited Duffy trial. In a nutshell: It is alleged that Duffy illegally claimed Senate expenses to which he wasn’t entitled, the RCMP believes Duffy wrongly paid his friend Gerald Donohue $65,000 for little or no apparent work.

Who’s Who In the Zoo of former Harper advisors that will be called to testify for the Crown: Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff, David van Hemmen, Wright’s former executive assistant and Benjamin Perrin, who acted as the prime minister’s lawyer.

Other assorted and sundry men and women currently working in the Prime Minister’s office may also be called. If nothing else, this trial will just be fun to watch.

We’ll talk…

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