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Our Mayor Has Guts

Kudos to Valerie Plante for being able to make a decisive decision. She has cancelled the e-Formula E race. It’s over. Kaput. Gonzo.

Spiralling costs coupled with failing to come to an agreement with the race organization on how to suspend the race for at least a year put the veritable nail in the coffin.

So Blanche, guess how much the fun-day will end up costing us. $47-million including a penalty of nearly $12M for cancelling. This idiotic race is on par with Jean Drapeau’s grandiose projects. You do know darlings, that Drapeau was Coderre’s hero. Nothing more to be said on this one, eh?

The deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, multi-billionaires and extremely charitable people, has left the Toronto Jewish community reeling. Imagine how it affecting the small, tight billionaires club in all of North America.

We hope, for the family at least, that the police are able to give closure to these horrific, and needless deaths. It is incumbent upon them to determine if they let the killer into their home as they knew him.

Can someone please ‘splain this next phenomena: On December 25, at least here in Montreal, one cannot listen to anything on the radio except ‘holiday music’. Can we talk?

While it is true that the majority of the population celebrates the deck the halls music, there is also a large segment that does not. We find it rather extreme.

It turns out the derailed train that flew off the tracks was going 80 mph in a part of the track slated for 30 mph. Not only was it speeding, it was on its maiden voyage.

Let’s just say someone didn’t do their homework and the ball unravelled. Sadly, three people perished in this grand fiasco. G-d should give the families of those people goodness and kindness.

We’ll talk…

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