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Our Prime Minister The Drama Queen

We are not sure which is more infuriating – Trudeau crying on his apology tour or the men penning self-serving apologies for making the lives of the women they worked with hell.

Let’s start with Trudeau. He had to cry when he was giving his apology to the LGBTQ2 community? (You can look up that acronym yourself). He can’t just read the words on the page? He’s so tender and emotional that he can’t get through the text? Spare us. He’s a drama-queen.

Here’s a headline for Trudeau: Had you read that apology like a normal person, without the dramatics, it would have had a much bigger impact. A Prime Minister should be empathic, strong, warm and in control. He is none of those. He’s sounds fake, has air between his ears and is totally out of his league.

As for the men penning apologies that are read in the media, save it. How about this: I was a disgusting human being. I’m getting help. Sorry doesn’t cut it.

The other people who need to get their dues are those who knew this was going on, like HR departments, and allowed it to continue. They are equally disgusting.

And one more little ditty on this: If you notice, most of those caught so far have been those self-righteous, tree-hugging liberals. Many are from Hollywood. The politicians, except for Roy Moore in Alabama are Democrats. NPR, the ultra-save-the-whale station’s headline dude, Garrison Keillor was also accused of not being able to either keep his hands to himself, or keep his pants on. Blanche, did you see him? This is seriously gross. Feh. Feh. Feh.

It’s official. Anyone sitting in the Quebec National assembly running our province has the brain of gnat.

The PQ, specifically Lisee, said greeting customers with Bonjour – Hi is an irritant to the French language. Get out the guillotine and hang those salespeople. Zut Alors! French will disappear with Hi.

Hold on a minute. Isn’t Canada a bilingual country? And don’t we want tourists to come to our city and spend their money? Bonjour Hi is going to make a difference in someone’s life?

Here’s a headline for the PQ and Couillard who agreed with them: You best cut all social media and pull the plug on every channel that shows English movies because the younger generations in la belle province are watching American movies and, perish the thought, learning English. Gnats have too big a brain for these people. We are lowering their capabilities to that of a tsetse fly.

McGill University obviously doesn’t need any money. Today, More than 100 McGill University professors signed an open letter denouncing Quebec’s religious neutrality law, Bill 62.

We will remind you that said law requires women wearing a niqab to remove it when giving or receiving public services. You want to vote and are presenting a photo id? Remove your niqab and show your face or don’t vote.

McGill University, who can’t seem to get a handle on their student society who supports the BDS movement and other anti-semitic organizations, best lose the addresses of their big Jewish donors and start sending out their donation letters to the muslim community. They will be sure to send their big checks, eh Blanche?

We are entering the holiday travel period and if you have a ticket on American Airlines, pay attention to this. Yesterday they said a glitch in their computer system that pilots use to schedule time off raised concerns this week that many planes would lack pilots and other essential personnel. Oops.

Today, the company said that only a few hundred of its late December flights remain without pilots scheduled to fly the plane. Feel better? Didn’t think so.

Here’s the issue: The Allied Pilots Association had said that more than 15,000 American Airlines flights lacked a captain, co-pilot or both when a problem was discovered in the company’s scheduling system. Pilots were allowed to take vacation days in the last two weeks of December even if there wasn’t another pilot available to operate the flight.

Time will very quickly tell if they solved this issue. We wish you the best of luck on your American Airlines flight.

One of the better news shows is Morning Joe, hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mica Brezinski. For the most part they are intelligent, fair and balanced (kind of like Fox News). Until today when they added a muslim woman to their early morning panel.

It’s not that she was muslim that was bothersome. It’s that she acted holier-than-thou and Mica treated her like she was pair of soft kid gloves. She sat there like a deer in the headlights and belongs either on NPR or PBS. She has that haircut – very short, that semi-arabic accent and sounds like she’s talking out of a shoebox. Plus she said she was a muslim about ten times.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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