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Papa Legault’s Berlin Wall

Of late, we have been doing some research on the Berlin Wall. Did you know the east germans started building it on August 13, 1961? Do you know why they started building it?

Because Berlin was divided into east and west – east being communist, west being democratic. Before the wall was built,  east Berliners  made daily trips to west Berlin to work and buy their commodities because east Berlin had nothing on the shelves and no work. Ah, but east berlin wanted to keep their part of the city pure…no contamination from the west. Ergo the wall.

No, Quebec is not a communist society per se. But Papa Legault is treading on very thin ice. He has clearly done his homework in terms of creating what he wants – a pure-laine french-speaking, french-canadian society in the ‘nation’ of Quebec.

To achieve that he must cleanse Quebec of unwanted baggage which includes immigrants that are visibly different – read hijabs and kippas, people who don’t speak french well enough for them or at all, making sure french is the only language on all signs including those that caution people (ie tourists) about danger, pushing professionals like doctors to the brink, not allowing other professionals like nurses to practice their profession unless they can pass an almost impossible french exam (even french speaking people have a hard time with this exam) etc.

Last May, Papa Legault said and we quote: “It is unfortunate the Montreal Canadiens do not have more Quebecers on the team.” Today he went further and said quebecers pride in the Montreal Canadiens would be boosted if the team had more players from quebec.

Seriously? Here’s a headline for Papa Legault: People in Montreal don’t care if the players are from Zambia as long as they perform, which right now they are not.

At all costs – the nation of Quebec. And so…Papa Legault is pushing English out of his walled nation and keeping French in his walled nation, creating an invisible berlin wall around quebec.

He is doing this quietly, one brick at a time. One piece of barbed wire at a time. He’s patient because he knows he has no opposition and can keep doing this for another 10 years. By that time, when the french Canadians finally wake up and realize that their society has been cleansed, it will be too late.

And guess what? Papa Legault will be gone, leaving his mess for others to clean up.

The Democrats are heading for big trouble in the upcoming midterm elections and even the 2024 presidential race unless something changes drastically.

Trump’s lowest approval rating was 34%. Today, Biden’s approval rating is 36%. Of course you haven’t heard much about this as the media protects him. Nothing he is doing is working – from his administration’s COVID-19 response and climate change to foreign policy (read Afghanistan) and the economy.

Coupled with Kamala Harris’s nasty numbers this dynamic duo could go down in history as the worst president/vice-president combo ever.

In that same poll, 57%, of those surveyed said they did not believe Biden possessed good leadership skills. Read – he’s not functioning. It will be very interesting to see who pops up to run for the republican party.

The three ‘amigos’ are meeting in Washington. Joe Biden, Justin and Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador  (that’s a mouthful). They are pretending to be friends but you can be very sure that they are all gritting their teeth. You can also be sure that Justin is wearing fancy socks. How mature. Not.

In case you didn’t know, Canada’s minister of trade is Mary Ng. She hosted an evening for her counterparts and Justin was there. His words at the end of the evening are cringe-worthy: “Canada and the U.S. are the two bestest of friends.” Seriously? He’s in grade five?

The main objective of this conference is better trade relations with all three countries. That is going to be very very hard for Biden to accomplish as he just launched a massive buy American plan. Unless of course he doesn’t know he did that, in which case Justin may actually come back with something.

Blanche, you know that when you apply for a passport you can check off one of three boxes: male, female, other. Clearly ‘other’ is not a gender, however some people do have identity issues (we are not speaking of children who profess to be boys or girls when they are girls or boys).

Given that, politicians in France are having none of the ‘them’ business. Them is what people who don’t identify as male or female call themselves. In France some people are trying to introduce a new pronoun – iel. It is a combination of “il” and “elle.

So far, gender-neutral pronouns have been banned in France. We are guessing that they do have gender-neutral terlits, which leads us to believe that if people don’t know which terlit to use, they have bigger problem than which pronoun to use.

Remember we told you that Kamala Harris is in gehatkte tzouris – big trouble. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost. Today, her communications director quit. She is a veteran of the Obama administration and a former senior adviser to both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Her departure comes after a raft of stories on infighting and low morale in the vice president’s office.

Aside from her people bailing on Harris, insiders in the Democratic establishment and donor base increasingly see her as a “nonstarter” in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run. Time will tell. Not one of Obama’s better choices.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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