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We have an acquaintance that owns a medical clinic. It’s a very busy place and, much to their credit, remained open all during covid. Here’s what the owner posted yesterday:

I’m really sad to say.. We just got a letter from the l’Office québécois de la langue française.

I thought it might be a thank you letter for all the hard work the clinic has done. Of course, I was delusional. It was a direct threat to the clinic and a physician.

Coincidentally the physician is a Muslim woman, but I digress.

It doesn’t matter that we service 3500 patients a week. Or that we worked right through COVID and never closed. It is no big deal that our doctors and staff put their lives on the line every day. That is inconsequential. A French linguistic misstep is a priority and healthcare must take a back seat. I hate the OLF. I hate Quebec right now.

There’s not much to say here except that Papa Legault has become a dictator, like it or not, like the word or not. And in case  you don’t think that he is the ‘ruler’ of la belle province, just look at the fact that he will not remove the emergency measures act until the ‘children’ have been vaccinated. How many children? Is there a timeline? Don’t know and no.

He has one agenda: the ‘nation’ of Quebec. Everything else, including the health of those who live in quebec will take a back seat to his personal agenda, which by the way, has not changed in decades.

Papa Legault is also walking back the firing on November 15 of all health care workers who are not vaccinated. He said yesterday that only emergency care workers will have to be vaccinated. He will see what to do with the rest. Blanche, there’s nothing he can do with ‘the rest’ as if he fires them he may as well shut down a medical system already on life support.

In one of the most romantic stories outside the movies, Japan’s Princess Mako gave up her royal title and her inheritance and married the man she loves, her college sweetheart. The now ex-princess’s parents acknowledged the opposition the marriage had faced, “But their feelings never wavered even once.” Ya think they might give her some money?

Something is going on with 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth, but we’re guessing that we will be one of the last people to hear what it is. Last week she spent a night in the hospital and now she has pulled out of the COP26 conference in Glasgow beginning next week. Her doctors advised her to ‘rest’. 

Can we talk? The Queen is not the ‘resting’ type. Not much keeps her hunkered down in the palace. It was reported that she will deliver an address to the assembled delegates via a recorded message.

Chuck, king in waiting for over 70 years, and his heir, Prince William are still due to attend. Phew. Imagine if Chuck were also under the weather after waiting decades to be king?

Tonight the world series starts, pegging the Houston Astros against the Atlanta Braves. The odds? 50-50 as the teams are so closely matched in terms of performance.

Our guess: We take the Braves in 7 games as Joc Pederson’s lucky pearls are going to tip the scales.

Justin Trudeau revealed his new cabinet today. At least we can breathe and sleep tonight because it is gender equal. Phew.

Marc Garneau, MP for Westmount is out, banished most likely to Paris as Canada’s new ambassador to France. Boohoo for him. He gets to move from boring Ottawa to spend a few years in Paris, living in the lap of luxury. Clearly he’s the big winner here. Other than that, Anita Anand our ex procurement minister has become our new defense minister. She doesn’t have to defend anything, rather clean up what is very clearly a totally dysfunctional armed services.

The former defense minister, Hagit Sajjan, no less a former soldier and police officer, left her a pretty mess with ongoing sexual misconduct disasters and several top generals facing accusations. Not to mention that no one in that man’s world has done anything to make women feel safe in the forces.

Whatever happened to the minister of the middle class? Oh wait. It was eliminated. Ya gotta laugh. That was one of the most idiotic ministries every concocted by anyone in Ottawa and it takes a lot to have honorable mention in that.

Wait. We found a replacement: Marci Ien will serve as minister for women, gender equality and youth and Kamal Kherea becomes the new minister of seniors. There ya go. Justin needed to find places for women in his cabinet and he just makes them up as he goes along.

On November 7 in the middle of the night we will be changing to Eastern Standard Time. That means it gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. The only ones who benefit from the early sunrise are the cows.

Can we end this ridiculous, useless and extremely annoying time change once and for all? The cows will be fine being milked in the dark morning while the rest of the world will be much happier that it doesn’t get dark in the middle of the day.

We can’t wait for the Montreal mayoral election as we are completely nauseous from listening to the empty and hallucinatory promises being made by Valerie Plante and Denis Coderre. They are trying to outdo themselves in how false and birdbrained they can sound. One thing we can tell you: Valerie Plante killed downtown. We have a few friends who drove downtown to shop on multiple occasions, could not find parking anywhere and went home.

Parking downtown is null and void thanks to Ms. Plante. Not even in lots which are full because of a) constructions sites that were not coordinated and b) endless and endless bicycle lanes.

If there is no other reason to get rid of her, this is it. If she gets re-elected she will completely obliterate downtown shopping and she already got a good start.

The Quebec education minister got rid of teaching everyone about everyone else’s religion and replaced it with teaching them about how great the ‘nation’ of Quebec is. Here’s a headline:  This is part and parcel of Papa Legault’s aim to fulfill his lie that if he says quebec is a nation enough times, people will believe it.

The result of his dictatorship and fake news is that head offices, doctors, nurses, health care workers, start-ups and businesses in general will find other places to go and set up shop. He will then be left with his rural base and nothing else. And then what?

The rest of the world could care less what he says or does. Right now he’s the like humpty-dumpty who has not yet fallen. It will come, with G-d’s help, sooner than later.

We’ll talk…

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