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Pierre Poilievre is 43 years old. Justin is 50 years old. Let's start with that.

Poilievre is on a roll and fresh as a daisy. Justin is like a very slow, very heavy freight train, carrying baggage from seven years in office and way before that.

The best news Poilievre could have received last week was when Justin announced he was running again in the next election. Justin's view of himself is so self-absorbed that he can't fathom that the little peeps don't like him, to put it mildly. His entitled attitude has so warped his vision of reality that being one of the only countries in the world where one has to wear a mask on a plane is completely lost on him.

We had occasion to speak to people over Shabbos who said they purposely don't fly Air Canada because of the their irrational mask mandate. In fact, they mocked it. If you didn't think we were the laughing stock of the world, now you know we are.

You can be sure that Justin will not call an election any time in the near future. Instead, he will wait patiently for Poilievre to make a mistake and then poof the election will be called.

What Poilievre has to do is what he does best: Go after Justin like a pitbull - starting with why members of parliament still have the zoom option. Why can't they be there in person? The covid crisis is over. Plus go after him for his ridiculous climate change policies when he himself leaves one of the biggest carbon footprints around. Other than that, he has to lay low and not give Justin any fodder.

Another interesting fact is that Poilievre appears to be happily married with two small children. His wife Anaida, seems to have a brain and spoke very well at the convention.

Contrast this with nobody knows what's happening with Justin's life except that Sophie is rarely, if ever seen with him. Family is important to Canadians and we hope this will play well with the public. One thing is for sure: people are not as stupid as Justin thinks they are.

We are looking forward to some good action when parliament resumes - hopefully in person.

We'll talk

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