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Political Commentators are Taking Themselves Much too Seriously.

Blanche happened to watch the press conference where a CNN reporter went after President Trump in what can only be termed an aggressive altercation.

Whatever you may read in the media, there is no doubt that Jim Acosta went into that press conference ready to bait the president (not the first time) and he did so with both guns blazing. It was nothing that CNN should be proud of, nor will it help their ratings.

Acosta’s behaviour earned him a suspension from entering the White House press pool. It was not however, for baiting the president. It was for pushing away the hand of the WH intern, whose job it is to pass the microphone from person to person. Acosta was told repeatedly to give her the mic and repeatedly he did not. When she went to take it from him, he pushed her hand aside. Lest anyone try to spin this any other way, seeing is believing and we saw him do this.

Here’s a tip for Acosta: One usually gets further in life being a decent human being rather than an obnoxious lout.

What is it with men not able to keep their pants on? Seriously.

First it was a senior Ontario cabinet minister in newly elected Doug Ford’s government who was forced to step down last week after facing an allegation of sexual misconduct. That was provincial.

In the last couple of days, Tony Clement was caught sexting. This is federal politics.

Mr. Clement was a cabinet minister for a decade and was now in Andrew Scheer’s shadow cabinet and a close confident. As well, he had a very high security clearance. Did Clement never hear of Anthony Wener of said ‘wener’ fame?

Do men not learn that when you ship your goods over the internet, in both pictorial and video no less, to people you don’t really know or, more importantly, who ship your goods to many other people, you will wind up in serious trouble? Nothing more to say here except that Clement needs counselling and our prayers that he get over this and move on with his life. Seems he’s a decent guy with a serious issues that needs to be dealt with.

Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante, is unable or unwilling to get a handle on the construction of Montreal’s roads.

Per kilometre to fix their roads Toronto spends $11,491, Calgary $7,077 and Hamilton, $12,187. The median for the more than one dozen cities that participated in the survey was $11,926. Now ask what Montreal spends per kilometre…a whopping $27,577. That’s more than double anywhere else.

The reasons are plentiful beginning with bribes and other monies given to city officials to look the other way if another company comes in with a cheaper price. One would think using inferior products would lower the cost. Such is not the case, most likely because bribes are also involved here.

Madame Plante’s time would be much better spent finding out why her city cannot get a handle on infrastructure expenditures rather than fighting to close one of the key east west arteries on Mount Royal or harassing people to stop using their cars and take their kids to school by bike. Even though she’s new to the job, and she swore up and down she would be different, in fact, she  just like all the other politicians. Capable of going door to door and talking to crowds, totally and completely incapable of running a city. Thanks to everyone who voted for her. The media made sure to put out immediately that the latest mass murder in the US, which tragically took place last night in California, was done by a ‘heavily tattooed white man’.

The US has a nightmare of a problem dealing with people with mental health issues getting a hold of guns. This guy was particularly macabre as he went into a nightclub and threw smoke grenades to confuse everyone.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow thinks she is over and above what she really is – a news commentator. She has organized a nation-wide march today protesting Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions,  unilaterally deciding that she must protect the Mueller investigation.

How about this: She cannot come to herself that the blue wave never materialized in the mid-term elections and she feels that she now has to take matters into her own hands to save her country.

Lest you think we are exaggerating, here’s what she posted: “This is a ‘break the glass in case of emergency’ plan to protect the Mueller investigation.” Here’s something to ponder – people like Maddow who begin to take themselves too seriously become a much bigger part of whatever problem they are addressing. Tread carefully before following her.

Last week, the UK and Canada invited Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions about fake news and data privacy issues on his platform. Facebook? Issues? Say it ain’t so.

We hope you are not surprise that he turned them down, replying that he already answered UK lawmakers’ questions in the past. Canada’s request wasn’t even mentioned in the response. Goes to show how much clout Trudeau has in the world. One thing is certain. Zuckerberg is not interested in taking a selfie with Trudeau.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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