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President Trump

The pollsters were wrong. The exit polls were wrong. The people spoke loudly and very clearly – We’re fed up and not going to take it anymore.

Hillary didn’t speak tonight and did not concede the election. Instead she sent out her campaign chairman John Podesta who told everyone to go home and get some sleep. Seriously? She thinks herself to be above speaking to the ‘little people’? There are separate rules for her and her people? We think not.

She should have come out and said there is one president of the United States and we have to support him. Try to unite the country she says she loves. She’s spiteful and her true colours are showing. She did call Trump to concede.

The three big losers tonight aside from Hillary Clinton? Obama, mainstream media and Ted Cruz. Obama’s legacy will be demolished along with Obamacare. Ted Cruz’s political career is over. He best find another occupation. The media? CNN, NBC and all the others who were openly in favour of Clinton will now have to eat their words and take a long look at themselves.

Trump’s work will start immediately as he will have to calm the markets which crashed tonight – worldwide – when it became obvious that he was going to win. The world is jittery and guess what? Sometimes what is needed is to turn things completely upside down to be able to start all over again.

As for Hillary…she’s dishonest, secretive, disconnected from the people and part of the old boys club. The ‘simple’ folks were done with those kinds of politicians. They were done with politicians making promises that were never kept. It’s obvious now that every time Michelle and Barack came out to campaign with her was another nail in her coffin. Those in the ivory palace all misread the people.

Many got Obamacare bills over the past week and realized that they were lied to by Obama. They could not keep their doctor or insurance companies and their rates went up over 100%. He lied to the people and that will be his legacy.

One of the ‘pundits’ on CNN, an African American said that Trump’s win is a ‘white lash’. Guess what? He had a black president for 8 years who did nothing for him. He’s right. It was a white lash. But it obviously also a lashing from many other segments of the population which the media said were not supporting Trump: women, latinos and yes, even black people.

Another bite in the behind moment for Hillary is when she called all of Trump’s supporters deplorable. She was speaking about Americans, who, whether or not they supported Trump, were still Americans and not a basket of deplorables.

On a very interesting note, Canada’s immigration site crashed tonight due to the incredible amount of hits. Then there’s James Comey, head of the FBI. Most likely he will now keep his job. The question remains is whether President Trump will pardon her or continue with the investigation.

Last but not least, may we suggest that the democrats move to California where marijuana was made legal tonight. A coupla puffs and you won’t know who won or lost.

We’ll talk…

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