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We were a bit hard on Justin after he posted a picture with his son (both in pukey pink) going to see the Barbie movie. Clearly we didn't see the full picture.

Yesterday he posted yet another smiling picture going to yet another movie - Oppenheimer, this time with his daughter. At last the picture became, pardon the pun - clear.

Because he separated from his wife, he desperately needs to still look like a family man.

The trouble is, for the rest of the world, one picture would have sufficed. Not so for Justin. He needed two pictures posing with his children who he is clearly using for political purposes.

"Look at me - I'm still a good daddy, a father who spends time with my children." While he may in fact be a good father, posting these pictures for his own political agenda is nothing short of disgusting.

The gloves are off buddy. Keeping someone's private life private works two ways and he violated his own request.

And so, we're done. The gloves are off. As such, we heard that he has had someone on the side for about 10 years. That Sophie was a trophy wife to be paraded when needed. Our guess, given the timing of their official separation, is that she had had enough.

And one more thing. Justin wants you to think he's a r.e.a.l feminist because look what he did - he took his son to the girlie Barbie movie and his daughter to the manly Oppenheimer movie. We are not fooled for a second.

In fact, this is in the same vein as when he held hands with Sophie going down the aisle at Queen Elizabeth's funeral. It looked fake and contrived and it was. Same as this. It looks fake and contrived and it is.

Can someone please explain why everytime it rains - as in literally every time it rains - tens of thousands of people lose power in this province? Is Hydro quebec so antiquated and its infrastructure so out of date that it cannot withstand a simple summer thunderstorm? Apparently it is.

Madame Plante, the czar legault and Justin are constantly pushing electric cars and punishing people with endless money-grabbing carbon taxes on gas - while our electric grids are falling to pieces.

How exactly do they think the electric system is going to handle all those electric cars, all charging basically at the same time - from 7:00 pm until the morning? Imagine if there's a thunderstorm at say, oh 7:30 when all those cars are charging? The system will implode.

If hydro can't handle a 15 minute thunderstorm without constantly collapsing, anyone thinking of buying an electric car best think again.

At some point, CNN and all the bleeding heart liberals are going to have to acknowledge that Hunter Biden was able to siphon tens of millions of dollars to his family using his father's vice presidency job at the time.

Bank records show that oligarchs from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan paid millions of dollars to Hunter Biden, his Rosemont Seneca entities, and his business partner Devon Archer — in some cases for work services (such as his board role at Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings), in other cases less clear — when Joe Biden was vice president.

The common thread? In all cases, no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself. And Hunter Biden delivered as then Vice President Joe Biden dined with oligarchs from around the world who had sent money to his son.

So the democrats can keep going after Trump but at some point you-know-what is going to hit the fan big time. And when the splatter hits now President Biden who is calling all of this 'malarkey' - it's going to stink to high heaven. As it should.

Montreal's mayor Madame Valerie Plante is at it again. It is unfathomable to understand why the heart of Montreal's downtown has to be closed for a minimum of two years (you can be sure it will be closer to four years) to fix the infrastructure of this city.

Why do we say this? Let's take a look at one street in Montreal. It's pretty obscure but it doesn't matter. It is indicative of the complete and total incompetence of this city.

Bedford is an east west street connecting Cote des Neiges to the De Vimy area. For three years in a row, the same part of the street has been dug up causing the street to be closed. It happens to also have the main entrance to the Maxi store in the area.

Blanche did you read that correctly? The city dug up the same block in the same place three years in a row. This is a perfect example of the gong show here in Quebec.

Closing St. Catherine Street from Peel to Mansfield for 2 or 3 years is the kiss of death for many stores on those blocks. The noise, the dirt, the dust, the ugliness is gross so why would anyone even think to venture there.

Instead, they will either opt for a mall, find somewhere else to get what they need or, our favorite - shop on Amazon in their pajamas in their kitchen. The only one who is going to benefit from this closure - as always - is amazon.

And finally, after all these stores are long gone, so will Madame Plante be gone, unaccountable for causing so much grief to people who pay their taxes and just want to make a living. She is one of the most arrogant, self-serving, pompous politicians around. Ich. Feh.

Blanche, remember Portland Oregon? It was ground zero for defund the police and other liberal, woke bs edicts. Well, the chickens have come home to roost. Guess what? Defunding the police doesn't work. Portland is imploding. What a revelation.

Here's something else that doesn't work: Not prosecuting shoplifters and roaming mobs entering a mall and stealing as much as they can carry.

On her first day in office in January 2023, the liberal, woke, white gay governor Tina Kotek declared a state of emergency due to homelessness. You know, those tent cities that sprang up thanks to black lives matter - which everyone later found out was as corrupt an organization as was possible?

Now she's blabbing that downtown Portland has no stores. Good morning America. Bleeding heart liberals are going to find themselves governing very poor states as normal people are done with the whole woke bs and are moving out in droves.

Here's one suggestion: When people shoplift instead of charging them - which they now don't - make them do community service like cleaning up the 'tent cities' all over downtown Portland which have no functioning bathrooms. We are pretty sure you get the drift.

Here's another suggestion: Start hiring police and pay them handsomely so they will stay on the job. Lots and lots of police who can stop the mall mobs from their new version of shopping - stealing whatever they can fit into their garbage bags.

President Biden is pretending the immigration crisis in the US is not happening and by the time he realizes the crisis he has created he'll be on his balcony rocking away on his chair, oblivious to anything but his immediate surroundings. If that's not already the case.

One has to wonder how exactly he thinks pretending this is not happening is helpful? Busing immigrants all over the US, dropping them off in cities and then going back for the next busload when there is nowhere to house them and they are living on the street is a plan?

People trying to get into the country using the honest method of applying are most likely getting lost in the system as processing all of these illegal immigrants is totally overwhelming the immigration offices.

Sounds like our genius prime minister Justin who told everyone to come on down. They listened and now thousands and thousands are still being housed in hotels all over the country.

One pizza shop owner told us that he regularly gets Ukranian refugees who order food on credit cards that are then paid by guess who? You. As you are paying for their hotels and all their other needs.

Telling people to come to your country when your system is not set up to integrate them is self-serving at its finest. It made Justin look like a hero at the time which is of course what he wanted. Just know that you are paying for all his heroics as the residents of the US are paying for the ignorance of Biden.

Here's a question: Who is paying for Justin's vacation now?

We can pretty well assure you that even if you can't afford to go on vacation, you are paying for his. Time will tell.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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another brilliant commentary on what is happening world wide,

thank you and good shabbos,


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