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In a very small column on page 3 of the almost non-existent Montreal Gazette, there is an article about the closing of the Lacolle border on Monday - at the end of a long weekend in Canada.

This border happens to be one of the busiest in the country. People were sent to a small, obscure, one-lane, one guard border a few miles away to deal with what must have been hundreds of seriously ticked off drivers.

So why was the border closed? A broken roadway on the Quebec side of the border. Seriously? Peeps - we live in a place that has simply become one big gong show. They had to close the entire border to fix the road? They couldn't let people take the side road?

And speaking of gong shows - hydro quebec is another one. Every day - every single day - people in Montreal lose power. Sometimes it's due to the weather, but most often it's due to 'equipment failure'. It's almost like we are in Cuba or some other third world country where they have to do daily power-sharing. Meaning not everyone can have power at the same time or the grid collapses.

Friday night in the middle of nowhere - no rain, no sleet, no ice, no wind - punkt - the power went out. Why? Because whatever infrastructure there is in quebec has become the same gong show as closing the busiest border at the end of a long weekend.

The title of the article we recently read was We Need A Serious Conversation About Joe Biden's Brain. Indeed. And can we stop pretending that he's ok when he's not?

His latest mess was when he made an error and claimed that Russia is at war with Iraq. Russia is at war with Ukraine. A week later at another event he made the same mistake. Clearly the cue cards are not working.

Last month he said "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean." What?

According to his White House handlers, the president was referring to a plan that would connect railroads across the African continent, linking ports on the Atlantic Ocean to ports on the Indian Ocean. Atlantic, Pacific.

This next one he said on June 19 of this year: “I’ve committed to... by 2020 we will have conserved 30 percent of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over and simultaneously reduce emissions to blunt climate impact." Last we looked, we are in the year 2023.

Following a speaking engagement this past June at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, he signed off by saying, God save the Queen, man". The Queen died on September 8, 2022.

We're sorry to say that there are just too many of these so-called gaffes to ignore any longer. They are not gaffes. It's way worse than that. He just can't do this job any longer and pretending he can doesn't mean he it is so.

It means those who say he's ok are as bad, if not worse than he is, allowing. him a) to make a total fool out of himself and b) endangering the entire population of the United States.

We are treading on dangerous territory here. The 'errors' above are mild compared to what mistakes he could really make. The democrats better find someone to replace him and fast.

Why is it if one doesn't agree with the democrats or liberals or the woke culture or any of that ilk, you are dismissed and your opinion counts for nothing.

In that world there is one side and one side only. Guess what? No less than the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) disagreed with them.

Some of the loudest woke voices - Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, that uber mouth AOC were hysterical about the rulings. If they had their way, everyone would look, talk and act the same way.

Ruling #1

In a 6-3 majority, the Supreme court ruled a Colorado web designer’s First Amendment rights mean she cannot be forced to accept commissions for same-sex weddings that would conflict with her Christian beliefs. In simple terms, her constitutional freedom of speech trumps a state law that would force her speech to conform to its dictates.

Ruling #2

SCOTUS decided that Biden exceeded his authority in wiping out student loan debt - wanting to allow 43 million borrowers to skip repayment of up to $20,000 each, costing $400 billion. Really? Who was going to pay that bill? That was inconsequential.

Biden didn't see the unfairness of forcing taxpayers, many of whom paid their own way to college or couldn’t afford to go, to cover the debts of others, many of whom borrowed for useless graduate degrees. All he saw was his view. Nothing and no one else matters.


The mother of all decisions concerned affirmative action. Initially, affirmative action meant broadening the applicant pool for jobs and college admissions to make sure those who had been excluded on the basis of race had an equal chance of being hired or admitted.

Over time however, it meant favoring one race at the expense of others, and that’s clearly unconstitutional, as the Supreme Court ruled.

We have said more times than we care to count - live your life as you want to and let everyone else do the same.

We put this piece right after the Supreme court rulings.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it will knock some sense into the liberal left wing democrats and to our own illustrious save-the-planet prime minister Justin - all of whom live with blinders. You want unfair? Here's unfair:

The Taliban are banning women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan. It’s the latest curb on the rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls, following edicts barring them from education, public spaces and most forms of employment. In other words, they have to stay home and can only go out - wherever that is now - accompanied by a man or boy.

AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Sanders, Biden, Justin and all the rest of the woke bs culture should just shut-up. Biden left those women in Afghanistan literally to the dogs.

Does anyone know that gravediggers in Montreal's biggest cemetery have been on strike since January 2023? Does anyone know that over 300 people are on ice as they can't be buried? Does anybody care?

Here's our suggestion: Put both sides in a room, no food no bathroom and you can't come out until a settlement is reached. You'll see how fast they come to a conclusion.

That this has been going on for so long shows exactly how inefficient Montreal's save-the-planet mayor Madame Plante really is. Get involved and get this settled. You look like the inept mayor you are and right now, are an embarrassment to this city.

We'll talk...

PS - Happy July 4th to our USA neighbors

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