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Quebec’s Premier is Showing Signs of Hillaryism

It appears that Trudeau has had a positive bump in the polls due to his standing up to Trump vis-a-vis the NAFTA. Given that, the US is starting up talks with Mexico and refusing to sit down with Canada. The main reason: Our chief negotiator Chyrsta Freeland. She is intensely disliked by Robert Lighthizer, the US chief negotiator and by Trump.

While Trudeau may be very popular because he looks like he’s standing up to a bully, the end result may not make Canadians happy. If he were smart, which sadly he is not, he would have replaced Freeland long ago and ended this stalemate. Here’s a quote that says it all, like it or not. It’s realistic, something our prime minister is not:

… “The negotiating style of the Trump administration is just being prepared to sit down earnestly and roll up your sleeves isn’t close to enough at this stage.” In fact, Canada did the exact opposite, unable to read the wall with the writing.

Again, bringing gender equality, aboriginal rights and climate change to the NAFTA talks did nothing but tick off the US and Trump, who, like it or not, is the president and calls the shots. So while Trudeau may be popular for his decision right now, when it starts costing Canadians money because he can’t figure out that it’s time to change negotiators, the numbers will most likely change. Right now Canada is sitting on the outside looking in while the US deals with Mexico.

Here’s a new take on guns and gun control. You be the judge. A few years ago, a young anarchist made blueprints so people could use 3D printers to make guns. The State Dept shut him down and he sued the government for violating his free speech and gun rights. Last month, his company settled with the Trump administration and they agreed the blueprints can officially go back online, which will happen tomorrow.

3D guns are notoriously unreliable – they break down easily, they’re extraordinarily expensive to produce (the printers themselves run up to $100,000) and they aren’t nearly as accurate as manufactured weapons as a general rule.

So what’s the answer here? While some of the 3D guns are undetectable because they are made of plastic, the majority are made from metal parts manufactured by gun manufacturers. It is illegal to make a 3D gun out of plastic which is undetectable. Of course that never stopped anyone from doing so.

So what’s the answer here? Go after the issue of free speech which this is or leave it alone and see what happens?

Blanche, if you think the grass is greener anywhere else in the world, think again. There is no perfect place to live. Every city and area has issues that must be dealt with.

Case in point is California. On paper, it’s heaven on earth. Perfect climate, gorgeous scenery, long, stunning coastline. And yet, every summer we hear about absolutely devastating forest fires, the likes of which we simply cannot fathom.

Life in Quebec can be very trying. For starters, winters are long, dark and cold. Secondly our elections always have the underlying theme of separation from Canada even if said theme is left unsaid. Our city is run by an arrogant, save-the-whales environmentalist who finds time to do a triathlon but not to show up for Canada day.

Given all of the above, all of our issues are intangibles while the fires in California are real and mind-bogglingly destructive. The moral of this story is be happy with what you have and try to better your own four cubits.

Last year, National Geographic posted a video about climate change that went viral. It showed an emaciated polar bear with the caption “This is what climate change looks like.”

Seems the trusted National Geographic has an agenda. That bear was not emiciated due to climate change. He was most likely old and sick. National Geographic made it up and admitted doing so.

If an election were held today, the provincial Liberals would be decimated at the polls. A good friend wrote a piece about not being afraid of the separatist bogey-man and to perhaps cast our votes and take a chance on the CAQ. He is saying that Francois Legault will not bring up Quebec independence. He will not bring up that ugly referendum word. He will not, one day get angry with Ottawa, say on immigration and flip out on Quebecers and go back to his separatist roots if he wins a majority. Time will tell.

Right now, Couillard looks like he’s completely out of touch with reality. Sounds a lot like Hillary. Her inside polls showed her winning. Her people told her she would win. She lost her shirt. Couillard should take note of this. Somebody’s feeding him only what he wants to hear and he’s listening or he would have started changing things long ago.

We’ll talk…

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