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Raw Evil countered by Raw Kindness

For this week only, we will be sending out the Blanche Report on Monday and Wednesday.

One cannot imagine the gripping fear those people in Sydney experienced. Trapped for over sixteen hours in a cafe with someone holding them hostage, brandishing a gun and most likely other weapons, must have felt like a lifetime. The simple task of buying a cup of coffee turned out profoundly sadly for two of the hostages, the last place they went in their lives.

While the hostage taking was unfolding yesterday, ordinary muslims in Sydney feared retribution. To counter that, people in Sydney started a twitter #ridewithyou. In other words, non-muslims were seeking out muslims who were afraid to travel in the city, especially on public transport, for fear of retaliation. Raw evil countered by raw kindness.

What was particularly unsettling about yesterday’s events in Sydney was the place chosen. It was done with cunning calculation to elicit the greatest fear, get the most publicity as it was in the downtown core. As well, the hostage-taker used social media to get his garbled messages out to the world . Coupled with the lone wolf scenario which is almost impossible to stop, the recipe was perfect for a surprise attack.

What can we do? Pray for peace. Pray to G-d to save us from ourselves, bent on trying to unhinge at best, or destroy at worst, the beautiful world we all share.

This Sony hacker business is really out of control and rather scary, to say the least. Not only are they revealing everything from embarrassing email threads to salary details, they are promising a ‘christmas gift’ that will render Sony impotent.

What is even more frightening is that if these people, supposedly holed up somewhere in North Korea, most likely in King Jung Un’s basement, could hack so deeply into a place like Sony, what’s next? The White House? A control tower at an airport? A water filtration plant in a large American city?

We are a radio person, listening all night (off and on when we’re not sleeping). One of the commercials that is played very often is the ‘be prepared’ one. Prepare two weeks of filtered water, tins of food, a flashlight, cash etc. They are not wrong.

Thank goodness the sickening trial in Montreal is almost over. We hope they find him guilty and put him away forever including losing the word parole. The city of Montreal instituted a new radio system for emergency responders. Guess how much they paid? Wait. Guess how much you paid? $42 million. Now guess what happened when they flicked the on switch. Exactly. It didn’t work. Fire fighters noticed messages from dispatch were not coming through.

The contract was awarded to Airbus DS Communications, whose technicians are currently working around the clock to resolve the issue. We sincerely hope they are not getting paid another cent for trying to make this system work. Where do the geniuses who run our province find these places? Same thing happened to the obama health care system website. Remember how it kept crashing? No knew how many people would be logging in?

Same here. It came as a surprise that emergency responders would have to be talking to each other? How easy it is to use other people’s money, eh?

This dude PKP – Peladeau wants his own country. Has he seen the record amount of transfer payments given to Quebec from Ottawa today? If not maybe someone could get in touch with him. You know that ‘some’ people think that if and when Quebec separates they won’t have to pay Federal tax. Well, here’s a bulletin: quebec won’t get any more transfer payments.

This year’s payment was a record: $9.2 billion. That does not include the money Quebec already receives in support payments for health and social programs.

Now let’s see. Whadda think the other provinces will say if quebec wants to leave Canada and they can save all this money? We’ll tell you. They’ll say go and don’t let the door hit your a.. on the way out.

We have not commented on anything to do with Bill Cosby. It’s just too gross. Today however, we read something that was literally beyond belief. He hopes that the ‘black media’ will keep its neutral silence. Can we talk? He would be best to keep his mouth shut tightly and say nothing. If he’s lucky all he will have to do is pay compensation. What a lowlife. The quebec unions are asking for a 13.5% pay increase. The government is proposing a two-year wage freeze followed by 1-per-cent per-year for the remaining three years. Now the unions are angry. Ever hear the saying ya can’t take blood from a stone? Same here. Ya can’t give out money that’s not there.

Happy Chanukah (begins tomorrow night)

We’ll talk…

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