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Real Life Survivor in the Oval Office

Anthony Scaramucci probably had the worst fews days in the history of worst days. His wife gave birth to their second child last week and because of his new job at the White House as communications director, it took him four days to go see his new baby. It appears his wife had already filed for divorce. And then yesterday, he got sacked after ten days on the job – one that he took after selling his company to divest himself of any conflict of interest. So now he has no wife and no job.

We certainly don’t have to start a tag-day for him, but he definitely needs a make-over of some sort starting with his language. Really Blanche, his use of the English language needs to be vastly improved.

We read the interview in the New Yorker. Unprintable. His stupidity was that he never told the New Yorker reporter that this was off the record, ergo it was 100% on the record. He dropped the f-bomb plus other very gross terms in between a few printable sentences.

Now here’s a little tidbit that we haven’t heard yet. Scaramucci originally backed Hillary. Then he backed Scott Walker, then Jeb Bush.

Here’s Scaramucci on Fox Business News 2015: “I’ll tell you who he’s gonna be president of, you can tell Donald I said this: the Queens County Bullies Association. You are an inherited-money dude from Queens County. Bring it.”

He tried to erase those tweets but guess what? They appeared in the New Yorker article so what we keep saying is true: nothing is ever really gone – except of course Scaramucci himself.

Remember that huge thunderstorm yesterday afternoon? That storm caused an Air Transat plane to have to land in Ottawa instead of Montreal. The full Airbus A330 was coming from Brussels. After landing in Ottawa they were not sent to a gate, instead kept on the plane for six hours with not enough water or air. Can we talk?

It was not until someone called 911 because people could not breath that help came. We would have called every newspaper, media outlet and 911. Air Transat employees need to read the new laws which say that passengers can only be held for 90 minutes on a plane. Take note Blanche: Always have your phone charger with you in case you need to use said phone to make many calls to make others aware of such a situation.

This next post will be short and sweet. Remember the Forumla e-race this past weekend? Well, 67 per cent were not in favour of the city’s spending at least $24 million on the two-day event, the majority felt that the Coderre administration mishandled the entire thing, it was held in the wrong venue and cost way too much money. Does Coderre care? No. End of discussion. He’s the king, despot and ruler. Over and out.

Talk about a short fuse. A Tennessee bride pulled a pistol out of her wedding dress, pointed it at the man she had just married and pulled the trigger. Seems they had an argument and she was a bit, shall we delicately say, tipsy. She’s now in jail and he’s looking for another wife. Hope they didn’t argue about who was eating the squirrel brains for supper.

Jared Kushner told a group of congressional interns that the Trump campaign couldn’t have colluded with Russia because the team was too dysfunctional and disorganized to co-ordinate with a foreign government. Now that sounds like it might be true.

Kushner was meeting with the interns as part of a regular series in which guest speakers meet with them each year. The organizers of the event ask the interns to write down their questions but Kushner insisted on taking live questions and didn’t hesitate to answer them. Naive.

And finally, if you are keeping score in the revolving White House, here are the names of those who have come and gone: Michael Flynn, Reince Pribus, Anthony Scaramucci, Sean Spicer, Michael Dubke (former White House Communications Director), Sally Yates and James Comey. It truly is a live survivor show. We certainly hope that Kelly, a marine corps general will be able to put some stability into the Oval Office.

We’ll talk…

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