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Roaring California Wildfires

Blanche, did you see the fires happening near in Beverly Hills and Belair? No one is immune. Fire doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor. One very wealthy resident loaded up her Bentley as she prepared to flee the neighborhood – where homes cost an average of $3.3million

When authorities tell people to leave, it means now. You may have a few minutes to gather some important items and then run for your life.

The largest blaze, the Thomas Fire, is now four times the size of Manhattan. Southern California issued a ‘purple wind’ warning today – an extreme on the color-coded system that has never been used before. It showed the expected strength of the winds driving the fierce wildfires has reached uncharted territory, pushing past red, which means ‘high’ into the color that means ‘extreme.’

And a final chilling forecast given today: The National Weather Service San Diego now says that much of the region – including LA, Ventura, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego and Santa Barbara – are at ‘Extreme’ risk of fires. That means that ‘upon ignition fires will have extreme growth, will burn very intensely, and will be uncontrollable. G-d protect everyone and watch over the firefighters.

When major news networks point their cameras to East Jerusalem, they are goading and waiting for ‘riots’ to erupt. Nothing new there.

So who’s the most angry with Trump’s announcement. Let’s start with the UN, the place of peace that puts the most oppressive Muslim countries on a panel discussing women’s rights.

Then there’s Turkey, Bolivia, Egypt, France, Italy, Senegal, Sweden, United Kingdom and Uruguay. Wait, the Pope also isn’t happy.

All those listed (and the list is much longer) are certainly not models of making Jews feel welcome. The UN security council is expected to meet on Friday to ‘discuss’ Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. What’s the point of meeting, they already have the answer.

It behooves us to remember, in the end, who runs the world and it’s not Trump or Trudeau or any other world leader. G-d runs the world, which is why the words emblazoned on the UN are even more appropriate today: For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

Blanche called out (via emailing his office) our Quebec member of parliament, David Birnbaum, on his total lack of any backbone in voting for that asinine motion of getting rid of Bonjour Hi when greeting people.

The response from his office? Seems so many people sent him angry emails that he’s holding a breakfast next week to ‘discuss’ the situation. We were invited to said breakfast. Our response to his office:

With all due respect, there’s nothing to discuss. The deed is done. You can remind Mr. Birnbaum of the following: People who vote are done with politicians like him – yes-men who cannot or will not take a stand on anything. They vote the ‘party-line’ like robots. Results of his kind of politician are seen in elections that brought in Brexit, Trump and Macron.

We wonder if the PQ or Liberals noticed that when paying by credit card, the machines all have Welcome Bonjour. Are they going to go after that next? See how ridiculous this sounds? Mr. Birnbaum can serve the best breakfast in the world. He cannot undo the damage that was done and the fools that the Liberal party made of themselves.

Today in Quebec’s parliament, Couillard had no choice but to address this issue as the international media got hold of it and made him and all of Quebec look like clowns. We have said this on more than one occasion: International companies take note of all this nitpicking by the PQ and think fifty times before even thinking about moving here.

Anyone hear of Kent Hehr? He’s the Liberal’s Disablity Minister who himself is a paraplegic. One would think that someone with his own issues would be a bit empathetic to others with issues. Think again.

He met with a group of thalidomide (an anti-nauseau drug given in the 50’s to pregnant women which causes severe birth defects to their children) survivors. Why they met with him is irrelevant. Hehr’s treatment of them was nothing short of abhorrent

On hearing of their suffering he responded, “Well, you don’t have it so bad. Everyone has a sob story.” When told of their shortened life expectancy…”So you probably have about ten years left. That’s good news for the Canadian government.”

Instead of issuing a normal apology and letting the whole thing die, Hehr tried to say that his remarks were misconstrued. It appears that Trudeau is having a hard time keeping up with the damage control in his party.

And this dude? He needs to be put of his misery, fired and then sent to therapy. Oh wait. We would probably have to pay for that. Forget it. Just keep him behind a desk pushing papers.

That clown Al Franken resigned today, in defiance and without issuing an apology. Good riddance.

Kudos to Time magazine for making the silence breakers person of the year. The pendulum will eventually swing back to the middle, but not until all the dirt has risen to the surface.

We left this little ditty for the end. If you use airbnb, take note: hidden cameras have been found in homes that were rented out. They are very difficult to detect. You will not find them with a quick scan of the apartment or house.

One way to deal with the situation is unplug the internet. You won’t have wifi, but your ‘hosts’ won’t be able to watch you take a shower or doing things that are none of their business.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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