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Robin Hood Robin Hood Riding Through the Glen….

Here’s a piece of advice. When you lie, admit it because eventually it will catch up with you. Pauline Marois and her missives lied through their teeth when they said that they had consulted with the lawyers in the Justice ministry on bill 60, aka the charter of values.

In fact, they never spoke to anyone in the ministry about it. Yesterday the Liberals issued a letter from inside the Justice ministry. “We would like to inform you that the ministry of Justice was never asked to produce a legal opinion on the constitutionality or legality on the whole of the bill, to evaluate the risks of being challenged in courts.” The PQ tried to cover up their blunder by saying they had consulted ’eminent lawyers’. Not only did they try to win the election using devious methods, they also tried to dupe everyone into thinking that they had everyone’s best interests at heart. Dizguzting. Remember Mirabel? That huge ugly airport that we had to drive almost 40 minutes to get to? Or try over an hour if your unlucky guest was coming in during rush hour. Well Blanche, it’s soon not going to be around anymore. Yes, they are going to blow it up or somehow demolish it. Wait! Hold the button! We have a suggestion. Two for one!

Blow up the Olympic stadium at the same time. That way people can watch two white elephants go at the same time. Mirabel is costing you $30 million a year and the big O is costing close to a billion. We can think of much better ways to spend our money, n’est pas?

Can anyone tell Blanche why every May Day rally winds up with people arrested and mayhem unlimited? What exactly gives the unions the right to riot on this particular day?

Oh wait. It’s now called an Anti-Capitalist march. Here’s a secret for the unions and all those tree-hugging anti-capitalists: without capital, without people in business you wouldn’t have a job. There would be no free enterprise. People would wind up like in Russia 70 years ago working for ‘the mother country’. You see where that got them? Communism does not work. Capitalism and democracy is what gives people jobs.

And then there’s Rob Ford. People are now starting to have pity on him. Not Blanche. He should have left six months ago or gone into rehab then. He waited until things go so bad that he had to run away.

His dear mother said today she didn’t realize how sick her son was until he entered a rehab yesterday. She also needs a shrink. Unless of course she’s related to Pauline Marois and was kept in the dark like a mushroom for the past year or so.

The Donald Sterling (the clipper owner who spouted nasty racial slurs) business is getting more interesting. No one has heard a thing from him since that famous phone conversation. Now we are getting a robin hood riding through the glen (remember the tune?) in the guise of Oprah. She’s going to save the team, the world and all the dudes there.

We think that Obama should also get into the action. He has no business weighing in on this, just as he had no business weighing in on other racial issues. He’s the president of the United States of America. He keeps forgetting that. Let these kinds of issues take their course. He should be busy with Putin – oh he ignores him or Netanyahu – oh he’s much smarter than him. Never mind. Let him be busy with the clippers.

As we said when the PQ was decimated – they are the gift that keeps on giving. Although Fatima Houda Pepin is not a card-carrying member of the PQ, she acts just like them.  Before we continue can we finally say that she’s gross? And what’s with the two names? She can’t decided what she is? She’s having a permanent identity crisis? Lest we digress.

She pulled one of the lowest things one can do when leaving a job. She destroyed or hid all the files pertinent to her riding. When the elected Liberal came into the office he found the filing cabinets completely empty. People in that riding who need permits to do renovations, who had issues with their town or who had ongoing correspondence have to start all over again because Mrs. Houda Pepin is a sore loser. Boo-hoo. She stood up to Couillard and lost, then she ran as an independent and lost. Guess what she is? Exactly. A loser.

Good Shabbos,

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