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Rocket Man

Anyone see President Donald Trump speak at the United Nations this morning? He was excellent. The CNN talking heads sound like robotic groupies unable to think for themselves any longer.

Looking for something to hang on him, they found two words – rocket man – which he called Kim Jung Un. Never mind the rest of the speech was real and well delivered by the President. He didn’t pander to that den of lies called the UN. He was honest, something Obama never was because he never wanted to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

He called out the fact that the very countries who abuse and enslave women like Saudi Arabia are the very countries who the UN put on the UN women’s commission. What a crock and good for him for speaking out. It’s about time that the truth was exposed in there.

He also said the United States pays 22% of all expenses and their bureaucracy has grown by leaps and bounds. He told the place to get themselves in order without uttering a direct threat that if they don’t the money would start to dry out. Even though the world is slowly imploding and even though the President spoke well, as usual, those who still can’t believe that Hillary lost cannot come to themselves. Time to grow up.

Did anyone notice that Toys R Us filed for chapter 11 aka protection from creditor? Can we talk? Who exactly shops there? Whenever we went in to find something it was like a maze, looking organized but in fact, impossible to find anything.

Chapter 11 gives companies a chance to reorganize. May we suggest that they reorganize their stores so people can go in and find something without searching in vain for the invisible store clerk. Or, if that won’t work, give everyone a map as they enter and number the rows.

Our genius mayor Coderre is pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book and it looks like no one is going to call him out on it.

When asked how much the ePrix aka e-race cost taxpayers he said that it will take until after the municipal election to figure out all the costs. Seriously? Bring on the barf bag.

Obviously the cost is over the top, off the roof and in the moon. The Valerie Planet woman who is running against him is invisible, so Coderre, being very savvy, knows nothing will happen to him for this stunt.

Crazy what’s going on in the world. Between the hurricanes which are particularly intense this year and the huge earthquake in Mexico today, people don’t have time to catch their breath. Imagine that Mexico held an earthquake drill this morning and a few hours later the city was shaken to the core. It happens to be the anniversary of another massive quake.

Try as they may, climate changers cannot blame climate change on the earthquake. Of course they can always hire a private jet to meet on an island that was not decimated by the hurricanes to discuss this. May we suggest calling Al Gore. He seems to know where these jets can be found.

We don’t always want to put items about Hillary Clinton in every blog, but she’s just the gift that keeps on giving. She’s on the road with her book and seems to think this gives her a license to speak out against President Trump.

Today’s tidbit: She urged federal employees who disagree with the Trump administration to stay in their jobs if they can, condemning what she called the “disregard, even contempt, among many in this administration about what federal workers know and what they’ve done, and the advice they can give.”

What’s her business? She cannot seem to get past the fact that she is not living in the White House. Blanche, can you please find someone to pass her a reality pill.

There are some restaurants in Montreal where one simply cannot have a private conversation. Either the tables are too close together or the noise level is so loud that one has to shout to be heard, ergo any privacy is lost.

Well, in Washington Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb sat outside at a table in a tony restaurant and had what can only be termed a frank conversation with another lawyer. And what were they talking about?

A detailed (and loud) discussion of the Russia investigations being conducted by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and various congressional committees, as well as the strategy of Mr. Trump’s team for responding. Nothing to say here except what were these dudes thinking. Oh wait Blanche, they weren’t thinking.

We would like to wish all of our readers a sweet, happy and healthy New Year. Blanche will not be writing again until next Tuesday as this Thursday is Rosh Hashana. We’ll talk…

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