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In a seismic decision today, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned affirmative action as a way to get into university. In English - race is no longer the key to a placement in university.

In even simpler English, if you are black or any other visible minority - basically anything but a white American - you will not be guaranteed a spot in college.

We had to tune into CNN to watch them slobber all over this decision, which we agree with. What does the color of your skin have to do with getting into university? Nothing. It was ridiculous from the beginning.

Yes, rich white boys and girls get in faster than anyone else. Wait. Much faster than rich white Jewish boys and girls. That old-boys club should stop. It's disgusting and unfair.

How about this one: Good marks and hard work get you into university. The color of your skin should have less than zero reason for your admission and guess what? No less than the Supreme court of the United States agrees with us.

Universities have become the laser beam for the liberal, save-the-whales-trees-turtles, uber woke crowd and this decision is going to send them into an apoplectic frothing at the mouth temper tantrum. Good.

What is very interesting right now is that no one in the US complaining about the effects of 'Canada's forest fires'.

We listen to US radio and that's all we hear. The fires coming from Canada have cancelled this or that. Don't go out or wear a mask because of the Canadian forest fires.

One has to wonder how long it will be before the US starts to ask when Canada will be able to control these fires.

Oh, and one more thing: Here's what we found in one US newspaper: Jon Blackstone, a forest ranger from Maine, who is working as a firefighter battling wildfires in northern Quebec, is happy he paid some attention during French classes in high school.

Having some familiarity with the language is coming in handy for his new temporary job as a team safety officer, managing 220 firefighter staff and 12 helicopters.

Got that peeps? It appears we have either run out of or don't have enough forest rangers here. So we are bringing in men from other places. Unfortunately, in northern quebec the firefighters don't speak much English - if any. Way to go czar legault. Keep your people unilingual so when they need to communicate in any other language but french for emergencies, they can't. What a dufus.

Wake up dude. The international language of business and anything else is English. Like it or not.

Keep voting for Justin. Starting July 1 there's yet another carbon tax on your gas.

This one is called Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) and will raise the price of gas up to 13 cents a litre. We're not sure what exactly that means. There's a tax or there isn't a tax.

It gets worse. Unlike the carbon tax, the CFR has no rebate system to help families defray costs. On that issue, the federal government agrees the CFR will hit lower-income Canadians hardest.

Does Justin care? Care? He doesn't even know. He's busy saving the planet and every one can suck it up and go hug a tree.

Like we said at the beginning of this piece - keep voting for Justin. You're sure to get many many more taxes that are saving the trees and planet.

If you are planning to visit New York in the next while, we suggest that you don't take the subway. At all. We know people living there and as far as they are concerned, the subway has ceased to exist as it has become a highly dangerous mode of transportation.

It's so dangerous in fact that commuter trains from Long Island are packed not only with passengers, but with electric scooters as very, very few people are venturing to the subway to finish their trip to work. Why you ask? Because you are literally taking your life in your hands. And when we say literally, we mean it.

Every morning we hear about knife attacks on innocent riders. Or worse, people getting pushed off the platform. Can you imagine that? Ich.

These are committed by people with obvious mental health issues. Unfortunately for those who do take the subway, their uber liberal governor Hochul allows criminals out before they step foot in jail. And what do they do? Stab someone else on the subway in the next day.

Our advice is this: Go to New York but stay far away from the subway.

People in Montreal are in a tizzy because there's not enough affordable housing. Really? How about power failures every single day? Is anyone upset about that? But we digress.

Does Madame Valerie Plante give a rats? She says she does but then keeps focusing on ridding the city of all cars known to man. That takes up a lot of time, in fact probably most of her time.

Wake up peeps. Affordable housing? Does that save the planet? Does that save the whales and trees? No. Ergo you can't find an apartment? Suck it up and sleep where you find a bed or tent or park bench. Ms. Plante has much bigger fish to fry.

One more thing about Justin. Last week when the Wagner mercenaries did a mini coup-d'etat against Putin, Biden called the leaders of France, Germany and Great Britain.

Justin's phone was silent and the ringer wasn't off. He was left out in the cold.

Why? Mainly because he made promises to NATO which he has never kept. That, plus nobody, absolutely nobody takes him seriously. Except of course if you want his sock collection.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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