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Slip Slidden Away…

The PQ finally revealed their budget today, but the election is still not called.

Remember two years ago when the Liberal government tried to raise the tuition for university students? Well, in this budget the princess raised the tuition of babies. $7  day care will go to $8 this year and $9 next year. Whadda ya think? The two-year-olds will start wearing a red patch like marois? They’ll take to the streets like marois? Start banging pots and pans like marois? No, but maybe their parents will. Hey – they should call marois for tips on how to demonstrate as she was right in the thick of things then. What a fool.

They also ticked off doctors who have a signed contract with the government that they are to get a 9% increase annually. Today they found out it will be a measly 3%.

Then of course they said they would balance the budget by 2016. Today we were walking on Park Avenue and some very interesting dudes walked past us. The whiff they left behind almost made us as high as they were. It’s obvious that princess pauline and her missives are smoking something as strong, if not stronger.

We heard a very astute political pundit say that unless the government showed some restraint, Quebec was about to be downgraded in New York. That would mean the interest rates would rise and the world would not look at us favorably. Doink! New York and the rest of the world already figured out Marois and her missives long ago.

Canada’s women’s hockey team won the gold medal today as did Canada’s women’s curling team. Hockey we understand. Curling? Ever pick up one of the stones that they throw? Guess what? They’re stones and weigh a ton! Kudos to all of them.

Remember we told you that Hillary looked great? Uh oh. There’s a picture of her today with a subtitle about how haggard she looks. If she does choose to run for president, she better have a very thick skin. I don’t recall too many male presidential candidates under such a close microscope, do you? Isn’t it about time people started looking at the brains of a person first as opposed to their physical appearance every second? Baby, we’ve got a long way to go. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. For the Americans in the audience, the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

What is happening these days in Kiev in the Ukraine has been simmering for a long time. Although communism fell decades ago, it has not fallen out of the heads of those who run the country. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych met with Putin in Sochi to discuss the Kiev issue. It’s pretty obvious what the result of their talks was.

The people were promised change by their president and not only did he not deliver, he bulldozed everyone in his quest to solidify his own personal power. It will take many generations to change the mindset of communism and many lives will be lost in the interim as we are witness to in the past couple of days. Or, as in middle east countries, things will just never change. Time will tell.

You’re gonna love this. Guess what Posh Stow and Go is? You’ll never guess in a million years. It is New York’s first members-only day storage and bathroom facility, with memberships that allow you to pay-as-you-poo – pardon us. Hehehehehehe. Keep on reading.

Posh Stow and Go’s facilities include private powder rooms with automatically flushing toilets, as well as some individual, soundproof rooms with luxury showers. Here’s how it works: You pay a $15 annual fee, then you choose a “package plan” in various increments: $24 for three days or $60 for ten days, for example. It’s really geared for tourists who are petrified to use any loos in New York. As a loo aficionado we’ll give you a tip. Hotels have the best loos and there are tons of hotels in New York. Unless of course you decide that you need a shower punkt in the middle of the afternoon. And speaking of germs, here’s something to think about next time you fly. Avoid the coffee and tea on airplanes. EPA tests have shown high amounts of bacteria in airplane water tanks. The problem is, coffee and tea onboard is often made with…you guessed it, airplane water. Unfortunately, those drinks usually aren’t hot enough to kill the bacteria. Ich.

Watch out for the ice tomorrow morning. Supposed to be freezing rain all night. Slip slidden away… like our beautiful city.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk

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