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You’re secular and xmas is important to you? How does that work exactly? Papa Legault decided that it was important to be able to celebrate the christian holiday of xmas, go to church, go to mass. Add to that the six person edict at your table  to save you from the omicron virus. Ah. But that waits until after the holiday.

Here’s a headline: xmas is part of the fabric of Quebec. But wait. Papa Legault keeps saying we live in a secular society – laicite.

So here’s the deal. Bill 21 has nothing to do with laicite or a secular society. It has to do with Papa Legault and his base who clearly are not happy with all the arabs who came here nor with anyone else who looks different. Your presence offends us. You wear a hijab? A kippah? You don’t belong here. Well…you could stay here but will be blocked from working in certain jobs because you will clearly contaminate or try to push religion on people.

And so, Papa Legault who claims he is not a racist and withers at the gall of people even asking that question, is the worst kind of racist. He smiles to your face and stabs you in the back.

It’s anyone’s guess if Russia will invade Ukraine over the next few days. The US has warned Putin not to invade. Truthfully, Putin will do whatever he wants. Sanctions? His life is not affected. He could care less. If you were a betting person, the fact that there are now more than 100,000 Russian troops massed at the Ukrainian border looks like Russia is poised to invade very soon. Why else would they bring so many soldiers there?

The US is supplying intelligence to the Ukraine but there’s a bit of an issue. Too much intelligence may be misconstrued and lead Ukraine to attack first, which of course would play right into Putin’s hand. We will know sooner than later what’s flying over there.

Kudos to the NHL (National Hockey League) for not sending players to the Olympics in China this coming February. Sorry to say, but nobody should be sending anyone over there.

The chinese have the worst human rights record this side of the moon as well as being responsible for the pandemic we are now all experiencing. Whether it was from the lab or the wet market, they hid it for a few months until it made its way all over the world.

This would have been a good way to send a very strong message to the chinese: Either treat your citizens like human beings and not cattle or you will be ostracized. Yes, we have sympathy for athletes who trained their whole lives to compete in their sport. But sometimes one has to stand up to bullies and this is one of those times.

Of late we have been reading articles about the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman. We will jog your memory. In December 2017 they were found hanging from the stairs near their pool. It appears they were strangled.

The Toronto police have bungled this case from the getgo, beginning with trying to say it was a murder-suicide. Last week they released a grainy video of a man walking behind their house. It seems they have had this video for 4 years and never did anything with it.

Now it comes out that it appears the Shermans were being followed for a month before their murders.

This piece wins the prize. Tesla was forced to disable a video game that people were able to play while driving their cars. Wait, it gets better. They were forced into doing so by U.S. auto safety regulators. Are you kidding?

We get a ticket for thinking about touching our phones in the car and Tesla is creating software that allows people to play games while driving?

Blanche, did you ever try using Waze while sitting in a car? The first thing it tells you is that if are driving you can’t use it. You must activate the passenger mode. Of course people who are alone in a car and lost will do just that, but hopefully will pull over to the side of the road or park somewhere.

Playing video games while driving? Has Elon Musk lost his mind? Don’t answer that. It’s a given.

Kamala Harris said that the media would treat her nicer if she were a white man. Give us a break. The media would treat her nicer if she were nice.

Here’s a free tip to Vice President Harris: If your staff were happy and not griping in the media day and night and if you would do your job like you were supposed to and not keep dropping the ball, you would be in the media for good reasons. There’s a reason your approval rating is 22%. Look in the mirror.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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