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Some People are Like Clouds. Once they leave it’s a better day.

Yes Blanche, Mr. I-Want-To-Break-Up-Canada is gone. We speak of Mr. Jacques Parizeau who, in 1995 called a referendum to break up our country. He lost, but not by much and he was a poor loser as is recorded forever in history, blaming money and the ‘ethnics’ for the loss of what he had hoped was his new country of Quebec. (Some say he was very inebriated when he said that.) Since then we have been paying dearly with the loss of people, head offices, jobs, money and stability.

Parizeau represented everything that is wrong with what could have been a great place to live. He may have been very smart, very elite, very well dressed and spoken English very well, but he was 100% a separatist which caused and still causes destabilization of our economy. Perhaps his only saving grace was that he was against that idiotic charter of values. At least he had some semblance of sanity left in him.

The last kick at the can has arrived in the guise of PKP. Truly these people are like clouds. One cloud is gone but we still have one left.  It will be a while until we have a clear sky.

People who cycle are  a selfish lot. They are saving the planet and we, who do not cycle and drive a car are the enemy. Enter the tour de l’isle, the mother-of-all-selfish bicycle days that holds an entire city hostage for hours and hours.

The administration is  busy printing maps and putting them online and in newspapers, but wouldn’t you know it, the maps are not quite correct. What looked like a street that was open turned out to be closed and people wound up in massive traffic jams for hours. Why? Because the little darlings who ride bikes need to tour the city.

There is no doubt that that see the havoc they are causing. Perhaps they would opt to tour the circumference of the city?  No. They want to see the city. Well guess what? We in the city don’t want to see them. They are a nuisance, self-centered and are not saving the planet. If they disposed of all the cows who cause the most pollution with their gas,  they could cycle forever in on farms and stay out of the city. Don’t hold your breath. Better yet, find out when next year’s tour de l’isle is and buzz out of the city.

Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner. Honestly… This Jenner person for lack of a better term is laughing all the way to the bank, making gzillions off publicity. If you think we are joking here are a few tidbits of information:

At the photo shoot, cell phones were confiscated to prevent any photos from leaking before they went live Monday morning.

Heavy security also extended to Vanity Fair’s offices, where the cover story and photos were prepared on a computer that was unplugged from the Internet.

All content was then transferred to a thumb drive and deleted from the computer each night until the full spread was ready to be hand-delivered to a printer.

Vanity Fair, where the pictures were published, had their best day in history with 9 million viewers.

Can we talk? Give it a year and see what happens. Let’s bet this Jenner is still not happy. Doesn’t like the sheitel (wig) and had a meltdown, has no friends, no one is asking for speeches at we are pretty sure must be a hefty fee. Pick any number of scenarios and Jenner will return for another round of media frenzy. Ich. Blatter splattered. We are referring to Sepp Blatter, the newly re-elected president of Fifa who resigned today. He was prez again for about five minutes. Now Blanche, why do you think he resigned? Could it possibly be that he is tied into his  obscenely rich old cronies who took billions of dollars in bribes over decades?

He officially left because he said that not everyone supported his new mandate as president. Pass the barf bag again. He resigned not because people didn’t like him, but because he will most likely be indicted with the rest of his buddies. Let’s bet.

Edward Snowden got some satisfaction today. Two years after his massive NSA leaks, a bill was passed giving the NSA six months to stop its blanket collection of telephone metadata—which includes the times, durations, and phone numbers of nearly every call in the U.S.—and allows legal challenges to the National Security Letter gag orders that currently keep collection secret.

The vote marks the first time Congress has acted to limit the NSA’s surveillance programs since they were exposed by former agency contractor Edward Snowden in 2013.

While we are not in total agreement with Snowden, as the bad guys must be monitored 24/7, Minnie and Morris don’t need the National Security Agency to listen into their phone calls.

We’ll talk…

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