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It’s no secret that Blanche was and still is a supporter of the Conservative party in Canada. This year, due to the way the Jewish holidays fell out, we were offline Monday night and only found out this morning via the newspaper who won. To say we were disappointed is true. To say we were surprised…not so much.

One thing we were very happy about. That we live in a country where we have a living, breathing democracy and in the end, it was the people who spoke and determined who would be at the helm for this period.

Did Justin Trudeau deserve to win? In our opinion, no. He has not fulfilled most of what he promised in 2015, has had scandal after scandal follow him and most importantly, we don’t believe a word he says about anything. He’s just not trustworthy.

Given that, he’s still our Prime Minister and was so elected in a peaceful vote.

Regarding our own riding, Anthony Housefather won fair and square and we congratulate him. He has done a lot for his riding, he ran on that merit and succeeded. While we supported David Tordjman, it’s pretty obvious that this riding is going to remain Liberal until my great-great-great grandchildren can vote.

In the we-can’t-change-the-system department, the Conservative party got more of the popular vote than did the Liberals. As our system is based on getting the majority of seats to form a government, that statistic did not help the Conservative party. The big question they will now face is whether or not they are going to keep Andrew Scheer on as leader. While he does not have a fire-cracker personality, he did increase the seats they had and, more than that, to have a decent, honest human being as the leader of a party is something that should not be overlooked.

Regarding Maxime Bernier losing his shirt, pants and it appears, his interhoisen (underwear), our suggestion is that he rename his ppc – people’s party of Canada. It always sounded too close to the people’s party of China. Can’t tell you why, it just had a weird ring to it.

We are taking a wild guess here and think that he chose that name to appeal to all the peeps of Canada. While that’s well and good, he didn’t quite fit the bill if you get the drift. Let’s just say he may need to find other work for the next while, as politics is out for him unless he has a sugar daddy tucked away somewhere.

It appears that Donald Trump has a very serious problem on his hands. For now at least. The anonymous senior Trump administration official whose 2018 New York Times op-ed was called treasonous by Trump has written a new book about him titled “A Warning” that will be published next month, the release date November 12.

The book is called A Warning. Ominous enough Blanche? As well, the author refused the chance at a seven figure advance and intends to donate a substantial amount of any royalties to the White House Correspondents Association and other organizations that fight for a free press that seeks the truth. Not sure that we quite believe that, but for now, that’s the story out there.

The objective of the book seems to try to convince Americans not to re-elect Trump in 2020. If that’s  true, then they best come up with a) a normal Democratic candidate, not a socialist or b) a republican candidate who will beat Trump at a convention, which is highly unlikely.

Given those two scenarios, while the book may paint Trump in the blackest light possible, if there’s no one else to vote for, he’s in like Flynn in 2020.

Back to the Canadian election. The big surprise of the campaign and last night’s results was the resurgence of the Bloc Quebecois and its leader Yves-Francois Blanchet.

Blanchet is one smart dude as all during the campaign he never once mentioned the s word – separatism. Instead, he aligned himself with the secularism law Bill 21 and kept saying that a vote for his party would help Quebec in Ottawa.

Not to burst his bubble, but Quebecers tend to throw their support behind different parties at different times. The late Jack Layton’s NDP party had the same result as Blanchet just did in 2011 and now they have about 14 seats in Quebec.

Alberta is another province that despises the Liberals and almost en masse vote conservative. Watch out for this new word: #Wexit – west exit –  with many Albertans wanting out of Canada.

It is a play on the word Brexit and according to a post from a member of the Facebook group, the group gained more than 45,000 new members in two hours on election night.

Justin Trudeau is going to have quite the time getting anything done in a minority government. Our guess is that within 2 years we will be back at the polls.

We’ll talk…

T.I.N.G.We’re in the process of finding a name for the new Blanche feature at the end of each blog. We think we hit the right one – TING, an acronym for this is not gossip:)

TING: It appears we have been talking too much as we now have no voice aka laryngitis. Can we tell you how frustrating it is not to be able to be heard? While we don’t have the loudest voice, it’s certainly audible. Now it’s barely a whisper.

As of today, we got to see the ear-hairs (is this one word?) of many men, not to mention the wax (feh) as to make ourselves understood we had to whisper in their ears. And we weren’t whispering sweet nothings darling, we were simply trying to have a normal conversation. Good thing writing requires only our hands, eyes and whatever brain matter we possess.

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