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Jen Psaki and Joe Biden either live on another planet or in an altered world. When asked by a reporter if there are any Americans stranded her response was: “I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans, who want to come home…” Irresponsible?

For the record there are  likely thousands of Americans who want to get out of Afghanistan but who cannot safely travel through the country, much less get through Taliban lines around the Kabul airport. They are stranded. Hundreds of news reports in the past week have made reference to that simple fact.

Here’s a headline: Pretending a problem doesn’t exist does not make it go away. It makes the person uttering false words look incompetent with zero credibility.

Same goes for Justin Trudeau. There are many Canadians trapped there as well as Afghanis who worked for both American and Canadians. Justin doesn’t want to deal with this now as he’s campaigning for the upcoming election.

Here’s the same message for him as Biden: Pretending the problem doesn’t exist does not make it go away. It makes Justin look weak, distant and callous.

People are not as stupid as Justin’s handler’s would like to think. Take this one: Trudeau has a feminist foreign policy except when in comes to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. People actually see when the emperor has no clothes and in this case, Justin is riding around the country as naked as a jaybird. Tweet tweet.

As for the election campaign, looks like Justin is in some trouble. Not yet serious, but his hope that this campaign would be a cake-walk is now a dream. Erin O’Toole is not Andrew Scheer. He doesn’t mumble or fumble when asked a direct question. He can actually answer it.

O’Toole is a smart lawyer who is not afraid of confrontation. He also is able to ad lib, unlike Justin who is 100% scripted and if knocked off said script gets into serious trouble, beginning with uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. We are actually looking forward to the English debate as it appears O’Toole could actually make chopped liver out of Justin.

Biden is holding firm to his August 31 deadline of getting out of Afghanistan even though his pals in the G7 are asking him to extend it. His attitude is that if there are Afghans, Brits, Frenchman, Americans left behind to certain death, so be it. This is how he’s showing that he’s in control? He doesn’t know what’s flying.

Biden is not calling the shots and never was. We’re not even sure he knows what’s going on in Kabul.

As for that genius Kamala Harris, the powers that be sent her packing on a ‘mission’ to Southeast Asia to convey that the United States is committed to their relationship with Vietnam and Singapore. Really? Committed unless there’s an issue, as in Afghanistan, at which time the ‘relationship’ will come to an abrupt end.

Saving the planet is admirable and if one wants to do so, kudos to them. However, when one is trying to advertise something, whatever that is, people looking at signs need to be, at the very least able to read said signs. So there are discreet signs, there are small signs, then there are signs that are so small that one cannot see the writing without a magnifying glass. Such is the case with the signs of Frank Cavallaro running for the Conservatives in the Mount Royal Riding.

The font size of words conservative party is about 10 or maybe 8. Unreadable. Anthony Housefather’s signs are huge and guess what? Not a word about Justin as that would not be good for him. Best to keep his distance and run on his own merit.

Cavallaro’s handlers made signs that don’t mention O’Toole which is fine, but they also are afraid to mention the Conservative party. If he’s running for the conservatives, then say so. Running on his own merit as a former weatherman is a stretch.

The woke culture is at it again. Now it’s on Broadway where a new ‘diversity’ document revealed that producers will never again hire an all white cast. Spare us.

What if there are no people of color or visible minorities or racialized person or mixed racial people – take your pick – who are as good as the white people? Too bad. We have to have some color in our productions, irrespective of the theme of the play.

So picture this: A Broadway show is being launched depicting Jews coming to the US via Ellis Island and what happens to them as they move to the Lower East Side. Where are they going to put a person of color in that play? As Uncle Mottel? Or maybe Auntie Frayda. Or their son Sheldon? Or the daughter Yenta? Too ridiculous for words.

When Biden met with the WNBA champions they took a group picture. Guess who took a knee? Biden. What a fool.  

BLM said his gesture was ‘symbolic’ and they don’t like that because they said he doesn’t have the  passion and energy they want him to have for their ’cause’? What’s he going to do when the US women’s volleyball team visits? Put on a bikini?

We’ll talk…

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