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Sweden & Its Chicken Poop Solution

Whoever thought that Hillary would be the first item this week or any week? What could turn out for her to be the perfect storm – Covid-19 colliding with a woman by the name of Tara Reade – Hillary is hovering like a helicopter getting ready to pick up a very valuable treasure. You can almost hear the whirring. What a coinkidink that she endorsed Joe Biden this week. Ya right. 

The biggest problem confronting Joe Biden now is the wow factor. People are simply not excited about him. Face facts ladies and gents – he’s old and boring. Many pundits thought that after Trump’s never-ending public display of himself, Americans would want boring. Seems not to be the case.

His second biggest problem is that he is ignoring Tara Reade, the #metoo movement and her allegation that he sexually assaulted her decades ago. Trump has had dozens of such allegations levelled against him and, like the results or not, he confronted most of them and moved on.

We will also remind you of the huffing, puffing indignation of the democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi, against Brett Kavanaugh when Christine Blasey Ford – remember her – accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. Seems that when it suits them, the Democrats can’t catch their breath with rage but when it doesn’t suit them – like now with Biden…silence. Won’t work here.

And finally, Joe is simply taking too long to find a running mate and people are wondering if everyone is saying no to him. Add to all of the above, Trump has a monster cash advantage of $187 million. Further, in swing-state polling, the presumptive Democratic nominee is running behind where Hillary Clinton stood at this point in the race, and you know how that turned out.

The final nail in the coffin so to speak is that Biden is invisible. When was the last time you saw or heard him? There is no doubt that he’s in the most vulnerable bracket to contract COVID-19 so going out for him is literally a life-threatening endeavour. Given that, there’s zoom and other online platforms to reach the public.

Blanche, can you imagine Hillary running again? Let’s face it, she still has the curtain fabric she was going to use when changing the drapes in the Oval Room. It’s most likely neatly packed in a plastic bag somewhere, just waiting to be taken out. Insanity.

Sweden has done taken some pretty out-there measures regarding this virus and they are now leading the way again.

Seems there’s a big festival a’comin and they don’t want crowds. So…to keep people away they are set to dump a ton of chicken manure in a central park. Don’t even imagine the smell, it will be grotesque.

The festival in Lund is set to attract 30,000 people. Imagine their chagrin when they don’t believe the government will actually dump that chicken poop and they drive there? They will not need portable terlits – they will need portable barf bags.

Here’s a hot tidbit: Remember Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump? He was fired a month after Trump took office as it was claimed that the former military officer lied to Pence about his talks with the Russians.

After finding zero evidence that Michael Flynn broke any laws or was acting as a traitor to America, the FBI closed its case against Flynn,Dubbed ‘Crossfire Razor’.

Then, in early 2017, Peter Strzok (remember he had an affair with Lisa Paige and both texted that they never, in a zillion years thought Trump would be elected) ordered the case to remain open.

Now, Flynn has asked a federal judge to allow him to withdraw his 2017 guilty plea for lying to the FBI. Flynn claims he was coerced into making that plea, and that the FBI framed him as part of an effort to embarrass Trump. Stay tuned. This one is going to be fun to watch.

Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence when to visit the Mayo clinic – a hospital – and did not wear a mask. He’s an idiot.

It appears that many others thought that of him and he must have gotten the memo, as  today, while touring a GM plant, he donned a mask. Last we looked, Pence had a lot of white hair and it was not premature. He thinks he’s superman? That he can visit places where many people congregate,  not socially distance and won’t get the virus?

Here’s a headline for Pence: The virus doesn’t know who the vice president is more than it knows who the person is that takes out the trash. Get in the game buddy.

Last weekend California opened up beaches and parks. If one looks at the pictures, it seems that people in California don’t know or don’t care what is happening in the rest of the world – that there is a global pandemic.

Clearly, Governor Newsom is smarter than his population and he ordered all the beaches and parks closed again. We are wondering which part of social distancing those people didn’t understand.

Good news Blanche. We are also asked to eat French fries multiple times a week. As a result of the much lower demand from restaurants, millions of pounds of potatoes are at risk of being thrown away. Planting for the 2020 harvest has been reduced and so we are going to be the beneficiaries of a potato glut. Blanche, don’t you wonder if they will at least supply the ketchup?

Some industries are going to be in much more trouble than others after our isolation has come to an end – whenever that will be. Members of Quebec’s cultural and arts scenes are working on a plan to reopen movie theatres, believing cinemas could be revived as soon as June. Can we talk?

There’s no doubt people’s habits have changed. Many, many people got used to watching any form of entertain in the comfort of their own home, in their pyjamas with easy access to the food in their fridge as opposed to paying $10 for popcorn.

No kidding movie theatres want to open in June. Let’s see what Lego (our new spelling for Legault) does with this one.

Continuing on this vein, sports enthusiasts are going to be mightily disappointed as massive groups of gatherings – anywhere from 20 – 80,000 are not happening any time soon – and use the word soon very loosely.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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