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Take a Deep Breath But Don’t Inhale a Hot Dog or a Smoked Meat Sandwich

Ok everybody. Take a deep breath. Whenever anyone comes out with exaggerated ‘statistics’ we are wary. Red meat and processed meat cause cancer and are as bad as cigarettes?

First of all, the WHO (world health organization) who led this research project, is part of the United Nations. Right away we are suspicious. After all, they are the ones who put Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Qatar on the human rights council. Those countries are not exactly stalwarts for human rights.

Second of all, we are guessing that one has to eat processed meat for breakfast, lunch and supper daily for twenty years to get really sick. There is no doubt that eating red meat and processed meat including hot dogs is not very healthy. Over the years however we have learned one thing: everything in moderation dear. Let’s bet that in a few months it will come out that this research was flawed and someone like the tofu industry made a fortune in the meantime. Tofu? Fech.

Canada’s post office is a crown corporation which means it is owned and run by the government. One of the things Trudeau campaigned on was that he would stop putting those ugly boxes  on street corners and bring back home delivery. Once he got elected the post office had no choice but to stop putting up those  boxes. And a wise move at that because they now have a new boss and they don’t want to cross him before he even steps into his office.

How about this? Deliver the mail three times a week and get into mailing stuff for online stores. It’s certainly more lucrative than what we’re getting in the mail these days – magazines and other inconsequential mail.

This Friday, October 30 will be exactly 20 years since the referendum that made Blanche lose weight. The uncertainty of whether we were staying in la belle province or packing up and leaving was stomach churning. We actually couldn’t eat while waiting for the results to come in.

We vividly remember that night as we thought it was all over. Winning by 50,000 votes was insanely close. Listening to Parizeau in his losing speech was stunning to say the least. He said that sovereignty had been defeated by “l’argent et le vote ethnique” – “money and the ethnic vote”. He later regretted those words but they were said and have lived on in history.

So what’s the deal with the separatists today? They are kind of like the serpent who just when you thought was dead  rears its ugly head again. There will always be people who want their own country despite the fact that the world is getting smaller and smaller each year. We thought that the farmers in rural Quebec were the ones who didn’t care if they separated or not but that was proven wrong in the last provincial election when the Liberals trounced the separatist party.

Given that, the damage has been done here. Big business is long gone, the smart immigrants are certainly not moving here and the province has no money due to a lower tax base. They lost the battle and then by not shutting up and letting sleeping dogs lie they slowly suffocated the economy of the province. Special people.

Trump must be getting worried. For the first time in months, a national poll shows him at 22% and Ben Carson leading the republican field at 26%.

While we thought Trump to be brutally honest, today we thought him to be rather ignorant. He said that women who wear burkas – total face covering – do so to save on makeup. Really Blanche, he said that? If Trump makes many more of those remarks he’s going to start looking like a buffoon.

The first nation crisis in Val D’or is mind-boggling on many levels. The fact that the provincial government knew about what transpired last May and feigned surprise when it became public last week  is nasty, to say the least. What is insanity is that the police are investigating the police.

Everywhere else in the world there is an independent body that investigates the police. Why here do they still allow the police to investigate themselves? It’s like asking the wolf to take care of the rabbit. Everyone knows the wolf will eat the rabbit. Same thing here. There is an unwritten rule that one body of the police do not snitch or go after another body. Until that changes justice will never be fair.

Those running the show in Val D’or also need a pill. They gave the Premier of Quebec an ultimatum to get up there within 24 hours or else. Or else what? They are obviously not the brightest nails in the toolbox.

Stephen Harper is moving back to Calgary. He must be very happy about that. He can take out his ten gallon hat, mosey on down to the local restaurant and just be a regular dude. Wonder where he’ll wind up working.

We finally read something about what is going on in Israel that makes sense. It’s well worth the read and hits the nail on the head:

Too bad the Blue Jays are out of the world series. Hehehehehehe. Blanche, you’re really dizguzting.

We’ll talk…

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