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We hope no one is surprised that Anna Gainey won the liberal seat in the by-election in her riding yesterday. What you should be surprised at is the abysmal turnout, which was directed like a laser beam at Justin.

Ms. Gainey, one of Justin's yummy friends, got a measly 15% of the popular vote because only 29% of those eligible to vote actually cast their ballot. Here's a headline: right now, people have no one to vote for.

Justin's liberals are beyond woke, riddled with scandals and threw the quebec anglo's under the bus. Regarding being beyond woke, lest you think we are kidding, just look at the pride flag flying next to the Canadian flag. Seriously? He doesn't think it's overkill?

Poilievre, head of the conservative party needs to lose his arrogance - fast. Calm down and stop being so intense. Nobody can relate to him. He needs to get himself on some news shows and have a quiet conversation with no anger. Just listen and talk like a normal person.

Jagmeet Singh is an extension of Justin. He no longer has any identity having propped up the liberals for the past two years. He could be one of the slimiest people around. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Back to Anna Gainey. In her riding, a tin of tomato soup would be elected. The fact that nobody came out to vote should be sending loud alarm bells to Justin. It won't however, because is an airhead with a mirror and can't see anything but himself.

In light of what happened in the by-election here, our guess is that Justin will not call an election for another 2 years. He has no reason to do so as he is being actively supported by Jagmeet. By then all his current scandals will have disappeared. Of course there will be new ones, but our guess is that he will keep the lowest profile possible for a long time.

Further to our story about the ridiculous amount of bike lanes in Montreal, we received the following story from someone who loves the outdoors. He's a runner not a rider who uses the bike lanes. Nonetheless, he noticed what we noticed: Here ya go:

I do lots of running and use the bike lanes quite often. If you want to see one of the most idiotic bike lanes go to the corner of Bourret and Legare across from the JGH.

It's a one way street with a bike lane so there is only one lane for car traffic. In the mornings there is a line of cars waiting to get into the underground parking. The line is often backed up onto Legare.

So, if you want to drive down Bourret from Legare towards Lavoie you have to wait in line until all the cars in front of you get into the parking garage. And heaven forbid you live on that block on Bourret.

Got that peeps? One lane on the street, backed up to get into the garage. You cannot go down the street until the garage traffic has cleared up. What if there's a fire? Or an ambulance has to get through? Or there is some other kind of emergency? Nobody cares as long as they are saving the whales-turtles-trees and making themselves feel good.

With no planning, no thought and definitely with no one ever checking to see if that street could handle a bike lane, Madame Plante's little bureaucrats continue to think they are saving the world.

In fact, they are causing more carbon emissions than there ever would be if there were no bike lane. Geniuses.

Hunter Biden is very lucky his father was born before him. Instead of getting prison time for the crimes he committed, he got a slap on the wrist.

He admitted to illegal possession of a gun and entered a 'diversion' program — usually an avenue to avoid jail and allow expungement. Expungement of course means that his crime will be permanently destroyed as though it never happened.

What about the crimes he did commit? Blanche, did you forget that he is President Biden's son?

Years of investigation into Hunter appear to have evaded any serious inquiry. One lawyer said that for critics, this verdict is like ticketing the get-away driver after a bank hold up.

After years of burying the story, the media is now attempting an even more precarious exercise. It is called controlled demolition. The implosion of a scandal to limit any blast effect on nearby structures or individuals, which of course would be to protect the president from any possible repercussions. Gross.

And then there's the submersible carrying five people that went missing during a voyage to look at the Titanic wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a cramped vessel - about the size of a van - called the Titan that is piloted by a video game controller. It is unheated, with no seats, one toilet (clearly with no privacy) and a single window to look out into blackness of the ocean. Sounds safe. Not.

If you are claustrophobic, don't read this next part. The hatch is sealed shut with at least 17 deadbolts so escape is impossible.

Who goes on these 'adventures'? People with a lot of money and a lot of time on their hands. People looking for the next exciting thing.

OceanGate Expeditions, which owns the Titan and offers trips to the Titanic wreckage for $250,000, says on its website that the Cyclops-class vessel has a 96-hour life support system for a crew of five. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

The Titan weighs 23,000 pounds and can reach a depth of nearly 2.5 miles underwater, which is about the depth of the Titanic’s wreckage on the Atlantic Ocean’s floor.

So how much does such a trip cost? $250,000 per person. Chump change for those on board. Now of course they must be breathing very very slowly, trying to save the small amount of oxygen they have left.

We certainly hope they are found, although this is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack among hundreds of haystacks with the clock ticking.

In their never-ending quest for money, the happy couple aka Romeo and Juliette - Harry and Meghan - have come up with something that will definitely make them very rich, especially since Spotify did not renew their contract.

The couple is reportedly in talks with Dior for some kind of partnership that would make Meghan the “mega-bucks Duchess of Dior” and the face of the company.

Please note that this is still a rumor and has not yet happened. We will report back if and when this happens.

We'll talk...

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