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With the world literally turning upside down, can anyone explain our genius prime minister, Justin, proudly announcing now he’s going to save the planet with a new, improved, very expensive climate change initiative? This is the most important thing on the planet for him?

He is delusional beyond words if he thinks anyone a) believes him and b) anyone cares what he says.

How about this: We heard that immigration Canada is making it beyond impossible for Ukrainian’s who have finally been able to get out of their country to come to Canada. The bureaucracy and paper-work is never-ending.

So instead of pretending that he is going to save the world – which he had many years to do and failed –  how about cleaning up his immigration department and  save a few hundred Ukrainians who are begging to get into Canada. Justin could be the most entitled,  self-serving boy pretending to be a man that we have ever seen. He is fooling no one.

Get this one – Hamas and other Palestinian factions warned that Israeli “practices and assaults” during Ramadan will lead to an “explosion.” Are you kidding? Shooting, stabbing and murdering Jews in cold blood who were simply walking their children or sitting in their cars  is fine, but Israel is not allowed to retaliate? Shami al-Shami, a senior member of the ruling Fatah faction in the Jenin area, said that Israel’s actions, including “incursions” into Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, are threatening to derail efforts to ease tensions on the eve of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which starts on Saturday evening.

Holy days are supposed to be just that. Holy days. Not, as in the arab world, a time to slaughter Jews. Now get this next piece:

Francesca Albanese, who has repeatedly compared Palestinians to Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust will be appointed UN Palestine Rapporteur on Friday. Infuriating.

One has to wonder when Israel will finally, at long last, not give a damn what the rest of the world thinks and takes care of business once and for all. Thelma, you do know that the families of the men who murder Israelis get money for a very long time. We know that often Israel destroys these people’s homes, but it’s clearly not enough as the violence is continuing.

Shami and his ilk encourage young Arab men to seek out their 70 virgins by murdering Israeli men, women and children. Notice it’s not the leaders going to do the dirty work.

Good luck to Americans who elected Biden as their president. And good luck to anyone who supports him and the Democratic Party. Beginning in April US citizens can choose X as the gender on their passports instead of identifying as a male or female.

You can be a male and feel like a female, but you’re still a male. Or vice-versa. You can change your body parts from male to female and then you will be a female. What is X? You’re not sure what you are? Here’s an idea: buy a full length mirror, stand in front of it in your birthday suit  and take a look. X is not a gender no matter who tries to say it is. X is pandering to asinine left-wing ideas.

It appears that those in power believe that that this move would serve to recognize the ‘true identity’ of the passport holder. Seriously? Yes dearies.

Now add to this Biden vowing that his administration would provide support and resources for transgender kids and their families. He’s mad at Di Santis? This is what he is worried about? Does he even know there is anything else to worry about? Americans need help.

Can someone please put an end to the Will Smith-Chris Rock business? In the grand scheme of things, nobody cares. These are actors being busy with only themselves. Enough.

Before you read this piece, sit down. Karey Burke is president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content. She is the mother of two queer children, actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child – which means her child is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. Got that?

Now, she’s the one behind the new Disney policies. She wants at least half of Disney’s characters to be part of the LGBTQIA community or a visible minority. As well, thanks to her, Disney has removed all of the ‘gendered’ greetings. at its theme parks. No more ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

Disney has fallen into quagmire called the woke culture hook, line and sinker. We wonder if they forgot that their main appeal was to families and we would venture a guess that 99.9% of said families have a mommy, daddy, son and daughter who know they are boys and girls.

We really hope they eat their words and policies in the form of the only thing they understand – money. People need to stay away from Disney World in droves. At least Minnie Mouse knows who she is.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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